Tuesday, May 10, 2011


If you look real hard you can see a black & white kitty stuck in this tree. That would be Mischa. She has climbed a big tree... went too high...got stuck. You know the sound they make when this happens? That "Oh mouse-crap, how the heck am I gonna get down. how the heck did I get so high...Help me MEOW!"
They start to panic.
I tried talking her down. She almost fell...twice.
I couldn't take seeing this sweet baby of mine hanging for dear life with two paws, kicking her little hinds in the air 40+ feet above me.
I knew I had to go up...
By the way I am 48 years old...
I haven't climbed trees in a LONG time..
And I wasn't too good at it 40 years ago either. All I could think about was the time I fell out of a tree, Remember that Richie?

But what's a worried Momma to do? She is up there screaming for me.

Up I go...

She is clearly glad to see me and reaches for me, slipping... omgosh... she caught a branch. Up a little higher I go..
I grab her foot, climb higher & pull her to me. She is hanging on for dear life and I have new puncture wounds, but that's okay! She is safe!
Poor Baby. Got more than she bargained for.
She is grounded now.
Taking it easy and trying to help Izzy catch a huge fly.

Good to know I can still climb trees!


Linda said...

well, I'm gonna try this again... I just left one comment and then it wouldn't let me post...

As I was saying: There's no way I could have climbed that tree and I'm 46. Too afraid of heights. I don't know what I would have done, call the fire department? lol, do they do that? I don't think so.

All kidding aside, good for you, getting her (and you) down safely. :)

Reality Jayne said...

yep....I am really proud of you for climbing that tree. If you would have fallen ....you woulda broke your hip...then its all downhill

Tina said...

Good for you..climbing that tree! I would have done it too! (and I'm 49!) I've been trying to do more things I wouldn't normally do..mostly just to prove I can still do it!

Vanna said...

Come on Janis....you are a YOUNG 48 years old!! Hehe! I would have done the same thing for my Patches if she had ever done anything like that. Good thing is most people would have called for help, but you being a true mom you got on up there putting your well being aside! Smart? Maybe not, but loving absolutely!

Bee Lady said...

Oh for crying out loud RJ you sound like my MIL!!! She sits in her chair all the time because she's afraid if she moves she's gonna break a hip. Of course, she's 89. Good for you Janis for going after that kitty. I had one that would climb the tree out front all the time, then get up there and not be able to get down. So you might as well leave the ladder out! Your kitty will probably go right back up there tomorrow!

Cindy Bee