Monday, May 16, 2011

Flea Market Style

Flea Market Style 2011
Let me say, I rarely ever will spend $10.00 on a magazine.
The other day while I was waiting on my Pharmacist to fill a prescription I flipped through the magazine. Oh My Gosh! This is an awesome find!
I had to buy! I'm not sure I will actually ever do these projects and or buy these items, but I want to!
How cool is this? What a brilliant idea! Especially for a boys room.
This article was on the coolest house. They had some really great collection pieces. I absolutely LOVE the side table! It is an old washing machine tub insert with a glass tabletop! So clever!  And, you know how I love bowls & jars full of collections. The antique cue balls are a great pop of color. This, I can see myself doing.
Check out this "How to" on transforming shirts into crafty items! The next page gave a great project transforming a shirt to a wine gift bag. Another into a lampshade. There are simple instructions and they look great.
Look at these Ball Flowers! Aren't they cool?
I also loved this ideal of transforming vintage rulers into re-purposed items. I would like to try making a frame with some. I remember these being given away from salesmen with logos of their employment. Especially remember Hardware stores, Realtors, and politicians.
This is my favorite! (The reason I bought the magazine).  Isn't this amazing???
 It is made almost completely of this woman's Flea Market finds. She envisioned it and started collected pieces to be included in it for years. Her Husband, Father, and two Sons built it for her as a Mother's Day gift. 
Oh My!  Tooooooooo Coooooool!
I want my Hubby to make this for me!


Tina said...

I love this magazine! I don't buy it all the time because of the cost, but it does have some great ideas in there!

Linda said...

Wow, really beautiful ideas! At this time of the year though, I do well to just keep up with my yard so I really don't do much else in the way of creating. I'd love to have that greenhouse though - how charming. :)

Ziongirl said...

Super delicious magazine and I love all the ideas!

Reality Jayne said...

You should see Bee Ladys potting shed.....It is kinda like that....

Pammy Sue said...

Looks like this magazine was a goodie. I do love a good magazine! And that garden house is to die for.

Tina said...

I meant to share this site with your earlier. They the editors from Flea Market Style. Thought you might like to follow it too!

Bee Lady said...

I will have to do a potting shed post. I love my potting shed and I'll be leaving it :-( I'll probably miss it the most. One thing I try to do when I buy magazines, being a mag addict and all...I wait until the Hobby Lobby 40% off coupon comes out in the paper and I buy the mag at HL with the coupon.

I hope you hear about the job soon. Let us know when you find out.

Cindy Bee