Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Flawless Friday

After a couple of icky days, today turned out to be pretty darn flawless.
I was a little stir-crazy having Blogger down, although it kept me from writing negative stuff.

I had a little dental mishap on Tuesday, and I am surviving just fine now. (Although pain is still involved). Seems I am one of the less than 5% that have a bad reaction...chemical burns to be exact.. to the gums from the acid etchant in replacing an old filling & chipped tooth. I have medication, but the burn does hurt and is  very annoying. It's gross. Little pieces of the "burnt" gum is falling out and I am anxious for it to completely heal.  I have the most gentle loving expert Dentist, I do not blame her at all. I do realize it is just one of those things that can happen. If you saw the look in her eyes as well as her assistant, I know they hate seeing this happen to me and as frightened as I am of Dental procedures, I trust her over EVERY OTHER DENTIST. Stuff just happens.

Anyway, back to my Flawless Friday...

Today, Emily & Annie visited with Hubby's folks for a bit then headed to meet with a couple of their Besties for lunch and a movie.
We saw Bridesmaids. It was hilarious. I laughed so hard I cried. All five of us were. I will warn you, the first 5 minutes was an uncomfortable not necessary sex scene.. Of course when you are sitting next to your daughters it just feels very wrong to be watching this (it always feels wrong to be watching sex..Take the porn out, it wasn't necessary)
The rest of the movie was so funny. It's The Hangover kind of funny... Very Saturday Night Live and Mad TV, so this isn't for everyone. But it was for me. Brace yourself for a long (2 hours) nonstop laughing session.

Later, Hubby & I took Annie to one of our favorite Pizza joints... Jokamo's. On yummy! Even with a messed up mouth, this was scrumptious! (tiny slow bites). We came home and Hubby & Annie went bike riding while I walked (Mall walker fast style to keep up). Beautiful evening for it.

I love days like this. I hope it will last through the weekend. Emily will be leaving Sunday to return to Muncie for Summer session. Annie will remain here & hopefully find a summer job.

Here's to a wonderful summer♥


An English Shepherd said...

Yes that looks funny :-)

Bee Lady said...

So sorry to hear about your dental mishap but it's wonderful that you love your dentist.

Glad you had a Flawless Friday!

Cindy Bee

Mark Pressley said...

Fridays just by being Fridays are always a good start. Who was the dummy that thought to call the
13th a bad day just to hurt a couple of them?

Sounds like a great day Janis!

Linda said...

I think that looks like an hilarious movie and hope to see it. :D

Unfortunately, I know you must have had a cruddy weather weekend, as we did to your east. Rain and cold all weekend with today being the worst - only in the 40s for a high today here. Looks like things will improve this week, thankfully.