Sunday, May 1, 2011

Ding Dong!

Russel from UP
"Quick Hide!" That would be me telling Sergio to take cover.  The Boy Scouts were in our neighborhood (again) collecting can goods.
Now, before you sneer and hiss us, let me set the stage:
Last weekend a couple of older folks (just a tad older than myself) were going door to door sticking the little flyers on our door handles. The Flyer stated that the Boy Scouts would be in our neighborhood (again) on Sunday (today) to collect can goods for the needy. To have them in a sack on the porch. The Woman was dressed similar to me (I was on my daily walk), but the Gentleman was one of these Boy Scout Leaders I imagine, because he was in that familiar uniform, shorts, scraf and all...ewe.  (Sorry, but that always hits me odd...I was a Brownie & a Girl Scout Leader & I did not choose to wear an adult uniform).What bugged me is as they walked house to house, and occasionally back to the truck that was creeping along with them. The driver was a young man, I don't know, I guess an Eagle Scout because well, he was at least old enough to drive. Why is he driving & Mom is walking door to door? Anyway, the Flyer, had given instructions. 
Why do they need to ring my doorbell?  
Ohhhh~ because I must have forgotten to leave my sack? No Sweetie, I am not giving away more groceries today...
You boys/men come too often. I mean come on! The little Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, even Brownies & Girl Scouts that LIVE in my neighborhood, know me & know I support them when they come a knocking with cookies, popcorn, Christmas wreaths, and what nots. They were not knocking at my door. I got Creepy Older Scouts that I don't know and looked more like this guy. I know I sound like a Grinch. But I feel like our neighborhood has some neon sign pointing for everyone and anyone that has a charity to sell to come knocking on our doors. We are far from a wealthy neighborhood. Quite average.
So.. Hubby ran to the family room, and I watched peeking out the blinds as a kid taller than me, rang our bell. (Hello?  remember? No bag sitting on the porch. I'm not gonna answer and feel bad about not giving you our food.)



Reality Jayne said...

Sounds like someone got a uniform at goodwill, and is trying to get free groceries.....I am suspicious like that......and on a Sunday too...tsk tsk

Tina said...

I understand what you're saying. We've had kids come to the door selling items for school. We always support them. But if they don't sell enough to get the prize they want, they or their mom comes back by and tries to convince us to buy more. The schools here in my town tell the kids not to go door to door. They are instructed to give the parents the items and try to sell to friends and at work!

An English Shepherd said...

Fortunately we don’t get many knocks on the door.

Could be something to do with us all staring out of the window and barking of course ;-)

Mark Pressley said...

I did the Boy Scout thing till eight grade. Adult uniforms has always struck me weird in any event I see them and think "uhm sir do you know Wil Farrell?"

Bee Lady said...

Reminds me of the time two "christian" men came knocking on my door. I didn't answer it, but I listened on the other side. They were talking about how "maybe she's still in bed..." and "maybe her husband would appreciate her getting up and doing something around the house"....some comments like that...I almost jerked the door open and said, "I get up at 5:30 every morning to see my husband off to work... would you do the same?" I decided why waste my time on them!

Cindy Bee

Linda said...

I don't like soliciters of any type - not at my front door, not on the phone. We participate in the annual charitable fund drive through my work, which supports the charities that we've agreed to support. I don't want to be bothered outside stores, at my door, or on the phone for other charities. Though, at the same time, I understand somewhat as the Mom of a Band student/former Cheerleader, and knowing all of the fundraising that goes on. But do you know what happens when she has Band fundraisers? I never ask anyone and I myself, ends up buying the products. :)