Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Quondam Tuesday My Early Twenties

Today I posted these on facebook. I won't share all of them with you (there were 80), but they made me giggle and I thought you too might enjoy seeing this side of me. They were taken between 1980 and 1985.

Senior Year working in School office 1980

my locker 1980
1980 Silly Kim & I
1980 Graduation
1982 with some of my favorite guys

1982 doing my best as Alan Collins (Lynyrd Skynrd)
1982 with my buddy Maria (whom later became my sister in law)
1982 Celeste & I Daytona Beach
1982 Me & Julie Daytona Beach
21st Birthday 1983
1983 my friend John & I

1983 Richie & I Halloween
Sara & I Young Life Camp Counselors 1984
1985 Richie's Graduation
Well, I've bored you enough..lol. They brought me some smiles, and hopefully some may remind you of your days in the early eighties (those of you that were around).


Neicee said...

Janis: I so loved this post...Just finished the dinner dishes and your post is what I saw first. Maybe I love it because I also graduated high school in 1980 in NJ.. I dont know but i enjoyed it.. Had a bad day and this totally cheered me up. My friends look like yours.. Somedays I want 1980 back! But I also have two blessings.. Mine are 20 and 25 both out on their own.. Still blessings... Thanks for the great post!

Linda said...

I saw them on Facebook and enjoyed them all! It amazes me that you have so many photos of you and your friends and at school. I have virtually nothing compared to you. All of my photos are simply my family and I, and there are no pictures of me in the school, because I really wasn't involved in much. I did have a lot of photos from age 17 through mid twenties, but those all stayed with my boyfriend from that time period and I so wish I would have taken the album when we broke up.

Anyway, I loved this post - the photos are fun to see. :)