Friday, April 22, 2011

The Passion Of Christ

Truly one of the best movies ever made. If you haven't seen this, I highly recommend it.
 I cried watching with Hubby a few years ago in the theater. They were actually tears of joy that Christ did this for ME. It is the only time I ever saw my Hubby cry at a movie.  I watched it again with my daughters.  I bought the DVD and I am thinking of watching it this weekend.

I haven't talked much about religion lately on Blog.  Those who know me know that my faith I live everyday, not just the Christian holidays.  I do love to read the many things my favorite Bloggers post this time of year regarding our faith.

Even though some of us have some small differences in our religious practice, it is an important part of most of our lives.

To all my Christian Friends, I pray for a Happy Easter.

For all my Jewish Friends, a lovely Passover.

Love In Christ~


Judy Miller said...

It is amazing that God would send His Son to die for me:) Happy Easter Janis may you and your family be blessed this year.

Mary said...

Thanks for sharing Janis. An excellent movie, for me as I am a visual learner, if I see something it sticks and has a bigger impact. Very hard to watch, can't imagine going through that, let alone being innocent and doing it.
I'm reading a book "Lineage of Grace" I think is the title, it tells stories of Tamar, Ruth, Bethsheba, Rahab and Mary. I'm reading Mary's part now, timing is something else, wow. It is based on Biblical stories, but it tells the story from what they might have been thinking and gives details about how it was like to live then. Good read!
Happy Easter to you Janis!! Thanks for sharing your faith!

Mary said...
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Reality Jayne said...

I cried too...Happy Easter

Linda said...

And there are Christian Jews as well. :) I used to really follow the organization "Jews for Jesus".

Happy Easter to you and your family. I appreciate the movie suggestion and beautiful blessing.

While I love my friends unconditionally, I will never be ashamed or quieted about speaking openly about how I believe. It is ME. A total part of my life and not just something one does on Sunday. :)

Love and blessings,