Friday, April 29, 2011

Me Me Me!

I want this:
Huffy Women's Cranbrook Cruiser
It's Mint Green and white. Single speed. 26 inch. (It needs a little wicker basket too.)  Walmart has it for $89.00. That's right, under a hundred.  Thinking about getting it. Gonna have a big ole garage sale in June with the neighborhood. Figure I can sell my old 500 (exaggerating) speed bike that I never know what gear to be in. 

I want this:
Crate & Barrel
 Well, not this set exactly, but a really nice indoor/outdoor set for my screened in porch. (I don't want purple)We are getting rid of a Hot Tub we never use and reviving the porch and hopefully turning it into a little piece of Heaven. Anybody want a Hot Tub?

I really want this to:
Tee Hee! Who doesn't?

And while I'm at it... I want:
Not the plane, but I wanna go someplace. With Hubby, Daughters, Julie, Deb, or Janet.

But I will settle for this:
Any of it...but I'm out of all of it~
Happy Weekend to you!


An English Shepherd said...

Happy weekend to you all as well.

Wizz :-)

ps nice bike ;-)

Bee Lady said...

I have a bike that is similar and it does have a basket on the front!
I get made fun of a lot. People usually start saying dah dah dah dah dah dahhhh - you know - the tune to the wicked witch that takes toto away in the Wizard of Oz!

At least get the wine replaced!

Cindy Bee

the cake chick said...

Love, Love the bike! When you get that wicker basket on the front, put a bouquet of daisies in it. Would love to see a pix of that. Good luck on the yard sale!

Linda said...

Happy Weekend to you too! :) I LOVE the classic bikes - I have a bright green one and love it.

But the massages - no way for me. I pass on any spa type treatments, because I can't stand the thought of ANY stranger touching me. I don't even go for pedis or anything like that. No thanks. :)

Hope you're having a good weekend - ours is off to a great start. Beautiful weather, get-togethers with friends and family, my Mom's Birthday, yard work, sleepovers, who could ask for anything more?

This was a fun post.
Love, Linda

jlcayers said...

I love that bike, Janis! You need a basket for the front!