Sunday, April 17, 2011

Baby Clothes Project Update

I am slowly coming along on the Baby Clothes project. Go HERE for earlier information on this.
Mischa keeping material in basket

I just completed the "turning baby clothes into fabric for tree skirt" process. Thanks to Cindy's advice on cutting the seams rather than ripping them out, made things go much quicker and smoother. 
My cats seem to be very interested in this project and insist on sitting on the clothes or playing with scraps.

It got easier and actually fun, remembering who favored what and events that some things were worn for. A lot of memories in these baby clothes. 

I extended the "baby clothes" up to size 4 toddler as that seems to be what I saved. Even with most their clothing going to "Once Upon a Child" reassignment shop as well as hand-me-downs to children we knew, I still had a lot to work with! In all this is a complement of 110 outfits that Emily, Annie and even one tiny gown that I wore before passing it down to my daughters. My sister may have worn it as well.
The "fabric"
The difference in material will be a challenge.

I have delicate pastels in dainty little girl prints.

I have heavy rich colors in imported fabrics. Corduroy, velvets, and damask prints.

I have fun whimsical prints with Disney characters, Puzzle Places, and other fun "Im a little girl that likes cute & fun" prints.

I bought a Rotary Cutting Set to begin the task of making my squares. I realized after cutting all these clothes that this would be an appreciated addition to my supplies to get this project completed.  This is the next step.

I am in love with the hundreds of buttons!
I saw a beautiful project that someone I follow made for their Mom (I just spent 45 minutes searching for it so I can give proper credit & link but can not find it or remember who posted about it, so please forgive me!). It was a framed artwork piece that they did with buttons! Absolutely charming! I think that it would be fun to do with this jar of buttons.

This has been a great use of time. I usually work on it while we watch a little television. I hope my vision of the Christmas Tree skirts will be as I plan. I truly think they will be lovely.
Until then, my assistants are enjoying working with me:
Izzy keeping the scraps from mixing with the fabrics
Mischa on inventory control
What would I do without them? ♥


Anonymous said...

aweee izzy is so cute :)

rosaria said...

What a great project! I can't wait to see it completed. You are so creative and talented, Janis. This is an inspiration.

Linda said...

Love the cats :) And, this is quite the project! I'm sure they're going to be beautiful when you're done. I still can never bring myself to cutting up anything so Sarah's clothes stays stored for future Grandbabies. Remember, she wore some of my clothes as a baby, lol.

Hope you have a grand new week.
Love, Linda

Bee Lady said...

Hey I'm glad it's going faster for you and I still think it's a GREAT idea. And you'll probably find that you will have enough material to make you and the girls a Christmas tree skirt, and a blanket for the bed, and a Christmas stocking, and an Easter bunny, and all kinds of other stuff! That's a nice pile of material. So much fun.

Cindy Bee