Monday, March 21, 2011

This Buds for you...

magnolia buds
(I don't know what these are)
(I don't know what these are either!)
Spring has sprung! The trees and flowers are budding!
Ahhhh Spring.....
Hubby is away for the week. I am planning a Surprise Guys Night In for his Birthday the day after he comes homes.  An all Guys evening. No women folk hang around.  Basketball games on the tube... card tables set.... food & drinks... maybe a little cigar smoking on the patio...

oh wait!
This is what Hubby did yesterday before he left!
This is a huge branch he decided to saw off the tree before it started budding. The branch scrapped on the roof and filled the gutter with leaves in the Fall.
It is stuck between my tree and my lovely bird feeder stand. Blocking the walkway... He figured he can saw it later next weekend. BUT I need it out of the way for the little gathering on Saturday.  With today being a pretty day (it reached 75!),  a little rain but mostly sunshine. With the weather getting colder through the week, I realize I need to get to it now.

Sooooo... with my clippers & little hand saw, gloves and a glass of wine... I sawed, clipped and turned that dang branch into kindling.  Not gonna let that get in the way of his Guys Night! (Gosh, I am a pretty sweet little Wifey!)


Ziongirl said...

You are so cute! I love it that we are so determined and just can't wait for the men folk. You go girl!

Reality Jayne said...

Janis....Your an animal with that hand garden tool.
Good party idea....BTW

Mark Pressley said...

We do not have the big buds yet but our grass is greening which always makes ya feel better.

Thanks for the nice words.

Linda said...

Everything is budding out here too as well as leaves beginning to show. :)

That's sweet that you're planning that get-together for your husband.

Have a wonderful remainder to the week,

janis said...

Im a little sore today... but so glad I got it out of the way.

Scott said...

Isn't great seeing our plants coming back to life? I see you have the same problem I do in trying to capture some small plant on camera. The camera focuses on the background and not the plant. Oh, well, I still got the idea. I have quite a few branches on the ground (as well as a crab apple I need to cut down) if you want to come over and practice more of your lumberjack skills.