Sunday, March 27, 2011

Surprised Success!

Hubby's Surprise Party was a wonderful success. I can't believe I pulled this off. He was completely clueless. He even helped me get some things taken care of!

I lead Hubby to believe I was finally getting a group of girlfriends together to start a BUNCO group. He was so sweet and supportive. I had a couple of moments he "almost" got a clue or two, but got through without him knowing a thing! He even told my daughter, "Mom, is silly trying to get things so perfect for her friends."

The plan was to have Emily keep him out  from 6:30 till 7:15-7:30. We live in Indiana, and if you are a Basketball fan, you are familiar with the College Basketball Conferences. Today, our Butler University (local private elite college) was playing. Even if you are not a big basketball fan, like me, many love this school, love love love this endearing young enthusiastic coach, Brad Stevens, and these wonderful polite and role model players. Butler went into Overtime at 6:45... against Florida. INTENSE....
Hubby watching the game with our Daughter at a favorite restaurant. Me, trying to get ready, but interrupted watching in excitement, this basketball game!!!
Butler wins, seriously, at the last seconds!
Emily calls to tell me they are paying bill and soon on way (8 minute drive).
Noooooooo! Not yet! It's 7:15 and no one is here!
I am sure it is because like me... everyone is watching this game to the last second. Hey, it was overtime remember? So, Emily has to stale and give us another 15-20 minutes. Sure enough, one by one, the guys arrive, apologizing with the same excuse for their tardiness.

I have the dirty characteristic dozen, fifty-ish men that all have my husband in common, here together in our home. Most of them have known him since they were boys playing ball. A few met him some thirty years ago, as young men with their world at their fingertips.
There is Brian~ who has been there for my Hubby and vice versa~ since they were boys. Who is also our Family Physician. This is the friend that has journey through much with Hubby. Marriages, divorces, births, and deaths. We have vacationed together with our families over the years. And love him like family. He is the Lifer that Hubby recently ran off to Arizona twice this year camping in the virgin desert.
Mikey & Dicky~ Yes...we still call them that at 50 plus years old. More lifers that played ball when young, survived high school and thereafter.
Griff, Jim & Tony~ entered his life in high school. Griff is kind of related to us by marriage anyway. He is my sister's brother in law. He has also vacationed with us on a few trips with our families. Tony, I haven't seen in years, although Hubby has. And Jim I worked for while a Realtor for close to ten years. Another family friend that has shared a few family vacations with us. Our children are all together at the same college.
Rich~ My lifer. That through me and through his brother, Ronnie, have known Hubby for as long as I have known my Husband. Hubby has become closer to him through the recent death of Rich's brother.
Paul~ Hubby's work buddy that has been friends with him a solid twenty-some years. He and Hubby have shared their Harley Davidson love for many years and ridden many miles together.
Craig & Wild Man Kenny~ More Buddies from work that have known him for a good thirty years. Pre-married years...The wild twenties... the oh my gosh...I don't want to hear that story years... Still friends after all these years.
There were a few MIAs. Different situations caused them to have to miss. Spring Break vacations with families, a death in a family, an illness, lives out of state... In a perfect world I could get them all together without hiccups. However, having a good dozen is a feat in itself.
Hubby, was starting to get confused as they pulled up to the house. That's a lot of trucks...Familiar trucks.

Yes, he was surprised.
Yes, he was tickled.
He was happy and I saw an old familiar smile.
I even heard some belly laughs!

I wanted to take pictures. But, I couldn't pester Hubby. He doesn't like getting pictures taken (although he would appreciate them in years). I took one when he got here, but his back is to the camera and you can't see his face.

They ate, they drank, they laughed.

I think I did good.

It was good.
Very very good.


Judy Miller said...

Terrific that your surprise went well. It was an exciting game so they can be forgiven for being late.

Reality Jayne said...

Yes I watched the game....Final FOur!!!! WooHooooooooo
Glad your surprise was a success.

Fire Byrd said...

So glad the surprise was a surprise! and that Hubby enjoyed it all. How you gonna top that next year!

Bee Lady said...

I wasn't planning on watching the game, but got suckered in when it went in to overtime. I hope they win this year. Good for you for pulling off a succesful surprise birthday party. Happy Birthday janis' hub!

Cindy Bee

Bridgette said...

Yay! I am glad it went so well. :)

Scribe said...



Tell him you will do two 60-second periods during the evening of 'drive-by' photos--10, 15, 20 years from now, he will greatly appreciate the memory that those few photos will bring.