Saturday, March 5, 2011

Spring Break is Upon Us

Emily left yesterday. By car, with her girlfriends, for her last SPRING BREAK, to Florida. Ironically, she is heading to Daytona Beach, Florida, home of her Mom & Dad's last Spring Breaks of youth. I got a text about an hour ago saying they are in Florida now. 
Annie left this morning at 5am. Hubby took her to the airport, where she and girlfriends are flying to South Padre Island, Texas. The ironic thing here, is I use to go to SP as a child, with my Grandparents. I had a Great-Aunt that owned condominiums in this little vacation town. Annie texted me a few minutes ago to let me know she is in Chicago, her stop & plane change, to head on down to Texas.

My sweet girls still text me, giving me piece of mind, when they are here or there. I got texts from Emily as she crossed into Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, and finally Florida.

They both yearn for the ocean air. This they get from their Dad. He craves it as well. They will brown their skin, Emily's hair will poof, and they will soak in the sun. They have loved it since they were babies. They come alive on the beaches. 

Emily's first trip to the beach, she was just 16 months old.  I was pregnant with Annie. We have gone just about every year since then. When you live inland in the middle of nowhere, you crave the warmth and beauty of the sea.  {Personally, I could be happy anywhere, as long as I have loved ones!}

The tiny flip flops in the picture are the girls first pair {hand me down for Annie}. I discovered them recently while starting my baby clothes project. They are so tiny! And were worn so much!

I sit here anxiously waiting for Emily's text that they safely arrived in Daytona Beach, and Annie's text that she has safely arrived to South Padre Island {Annie will have to take an hour shuttle from the airport to SP, once she arrives}. I am grateful they have this opportunity. Worried, as any Momma, but my girls are smart, and they are good girls. But still I worry. They deserve the break, a week to put the school stress out of mind. To have some fun, and to make some memories.

But, I'm gonna worry till they are home safe and sound!


Scott said...

It is such a balancing act between parental concern and the desire to let your children be free and have their fun. Sara and I are both worrywarts. I remember when David was a baby and we went out to dinner without him for the first time, Sara called home as soon as we got to the restaurant. He'll be 20 this year, and we worry about him just as much. Unfortunately, while your daughters are so good with texting, David prefers to keep us in the dark. It is tough some times. I hope the girls have a wonderful, safe and memorable break.

Mark Pressley said...

Good for your girls! Kait still texts her mom with updates. We worry for them but it is great to see them grow and play as we did.

Judy Miller said...

Hope they have a safe and great time:) I am one who does not care that much for the ocean and beach, give me the mountains and forests; isn't it great our country has something for each of us.

Linda said...

Hope they have a wonderful time! :) I love Florida so much and any beach is great to me.

Sarah's spring break isn't until the last week of March ending on the first day of April, just like last year, when we took a van full of teenage girls to Florida for the week.

Nothing like that this year, but both Jim and I will be taking it off as vacation. Just have to figure out what we're going to do this year - most likely it will be closer road trips. Maybe Chicago or St. Louis. We'll see. :)

janis said...

Thank you all~
I just got word from Annie that she is now at her Hotel. Emily texted earlier with a pretty picture of her view from the balcony. With the exception of a little rain, looks like both girls will have beautiful weather.
Now, just prayers for their safety!

Anonymous said...

There is that fine line between being over-protective and loosening the apron strings... a balancing act that all parents go through, especially mothers I think (not to denigrate the fathers in any way, but they just don't seem to worry the same), and just as bad when you have boys flying the nest. But eventually, by the time they get to forty, you relax! Joking, I did it long before they reached forty, I had my own life to live after all, and so did they, and they'd proved themselves capable of doing it without me.

Herrad said...

Hi Janis, The picture of the shoes really got me, how sweet they are.
What alot of precious memories.