Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Quodam Tuesday with Babsy

My Mom was born Barbara Ruth, named after her Aunt Bobbie (Barbara) and Aunt Snippie (Ruth). Apparently most people in the south had nicknames. As it has been confusing growing up discovering the "real" names of relatives. "Babsy" came from the heiress Barbara Hutton who was known to loved ones as Babs. My Mom was called Babsy, and Babs, from the time she was tiny. She is also known as Barbara, Barb, and Barbie.

Nana w/ Babsy, Ed Granny Mellie Fred and Horsie
This picture was taken on a porch that I find the backdrop of many pictures. Perhaps Granny Beulah & Grandfather Fred? Mom's Nana is her Father's Mother, whom my Emily is named after. Mellie is my Mom's Mother, Granny & Fred Mellie's parents. And Ed is Mom's Dad, my famous Grandpa Texas. Horsie is my Grandmother Mellie's sister (Hortense).
Babsy and family 1943 
 This was taken the same day but I really love these two photos, so I am posting both. I am guessing the little girl in the arms of the gentleman is one of mom's cousins. Granny's writing is sometimes hard to make out and part of the description is missing (pulled away from glued in album). It says something about someones departure. Could either be the uncle or perhaps my Grandfather, when going into service.
Babsy at age 4
How adorable is this?  It says on the back, "dressed up at 4 yrs" in my Granny's writing.
age 5
 Little Rebel!  Ready to go ride.
Babsy & her Dad
This is a photograph I received while summers in Texas. My Grandma Kitty & I, made some copies of old photographs and neglected to write on the back of my copies. Mom looks to be about 12 here?
age 17 years old
I am thinking this would be a teen party or cookout at her house. The little boy is her brother David. I imagine one of these girlfriends is Ree.
Senior year?
I need Mom's help with this one too. Another copy with nothing on the back. I think it's her Senior picture and that would be my Dad's ring on a chain? Or could this be Junior year with Owens ring Mom? :)
Barb & Tom 1959?
I love this photo! I think they are newlyweds. Maybe still dating. (Blank back, and can't see ring fingers). Who took this photo Mom? What's the story here?
Happy Meyer Family 1966ish
I could go on and on. I love so many photographs I have of Mom. But, in order to keep this interesting without going on too long I need to stop here.  This was taken around 1966.  We all look happy. (I remember both Julie & my dresses. I loved the little butterfly on mine! I also either wore Julie's dress later or had a matching one. Both these dresses had little bloomers. Remember the dresses that had them? So cute! Look at Mom! She is so beautiful! So stylish. Cute hair-do! Dad is looking sheepish...he is up to something.  Oh wait a minute, maybe he is just waiting to get the picture so he can light up that cigarette in his hand!

Mom. if you are reading this... please comment and correct anything that needs correcting. I think I got it right, but... you would know best!


Vanna said...

Wonderful pictures! I do not think I have ever seen any pictures of Uncle David when he was young...too
bad I can not see his face. Your mom is BEAUTIFUL!!! I just love your posts with pictures!

Bridgette said...

Love the pictures Janis! I love looking back at pictures and trying to figure out the story behind them.

Scott said...

Love the pictures. As for names, my family had a few, too. My dad's aunt was known as "Aunt Sis" and her son was "Babe." Then there was Uncle Red. I'm sure there's more, but I'm too sleepy to remember. Nice post.


I love all the photos.
I'm Barbara Ann ie Bobbie Ann growing up. Now usually Barb but I answer to all of the above.
Never was Babs. Have been called Barbie, which I looked at as a put down???
Anyway the photos were so much fun.
At least you know vaguely who they are. I have tons of pics without names and have no idea who they are.
Why don't people date and put names on.
This was fun to read. Thanks! Barb

Missy said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

OMG I love looking at old photo's like this thanks for sharing. The 4 yr old Babsy was way too cute. ;)