Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Quandom Tuesday

I thought it would be fun going down a memory Lane of Proms & Dances from the late 70's and one from 1980.
Enjoy the hair, and dresses. We certainly didn't go all out like my daughters did! Back then your entire date ~tickets, dinner, Tuxedo, Dress & accessories cost less than a Prom Dress of today!

First Up~
Sergio & Jennifer 1976
 Hubba Hubba~ Look at my Hubby & his High School Sweetheart Jennifer. I believe he is wearing quite the stylist bow tie. Looks like it was a bad hair day for Sergio. Jennifer looks adorable though.

Moving Along~

Sergio & Jennifer 1977
.Ahh, much better. Here is the Hubby and Jennifer at the Senior Prom. A year can make a big different. He is so cute. Makes me giggle to see these pictures. Good thing he rarely reads my Blog. I don't think he'd appreciate the exposure.

Lets go to 1978 and see who's up~
Janis & John 1978
Awe....look at this pasty couple! I was a  15 year old Sophomore dating a Junior at another school. My first prom and I was not only nervous, but knew no one other than my date. It was awkward to say the least.

Also in 1978~

Julie & Brent 1978
This beauty is my Sister, Julie, with her Senior prom Date, Brent, that luckily became her Husband 7 years later. They look dreamy♥

A peak into 1979~
Janis & Mike 1979
This is THE TRAIN WRECK DATE. What a nightmare! First I had the biggest crush on this guy. Asked him to the Valentine Turnabout Dance (where the girls get to ask the boys out). I double with a friend who's date was living in a very bad area of town. I had my Mom's car. WRECKED it...LEFT it in the bad neighborhood, because my date & friend told me to, I believe the conversation was something about, you are already screwed... grounded..etc., so lets still go on the date and have fun one last night. I did. I got completely drunk (can you tell in the picture?) when I got home....oh my gosh! it was so not worth it. The guy was a jerk, the car cost me mega bucks, and it was one of my most irresponsible moments that I am ashamed of. stupid stupid stupid!

Later that year...
Janis & Jeff 1979
This was my Junior Prom. My date was a lifelong friend. Jeff and I met in 2nd grade. We were friends all the way through school and I am Blessed to say we are still friends.  Jeff had just got dumped two weeks before prom, and I was planning on going to prom with John,  (see 78 prom above) whom I recently started seeing again. John was not being a very nice guy however, and I realized I would be better off away from him a week before the Prom. Jeff & I decided since we had all our stuff ready, lets go together. Best prom date ever! We had a blast! We even went to McDonald's and Putt Putt afterwards. Jeff was my Knight~ love you Jeff.

1979 was a Dance year for me. But if you think about it. You have Turnabout in February, Proms in May, and then what we called Brown & Gold (school colors) in the Fall.
Janis,Debbie,Mary, Sheri, Lynn, Kim 1979
This was our Brown & Gold of 1979.  These were my closest girlfriends. We begged the photography to take this and he did. Isn't it darling? We look so sweet. LOL.
Janis & Bill 1979

 This was my date. My High School Sweetheart., Bill (Well, we started dating our Senior year, and dated for four years).

Okay 1980 where are you?
Janis & Bill 1980
Awe! I look so sweet! And here is Bill again. This was a fun and fairytale prom. He picked me up in his Dad's Mercedes. The theme song was our favorite band and song...Sweet Home Alabama, by Lynryd Skynryd. We had a fun dance, good friends and great after party. Ironically, the fancy Hotel we had Prom at caught on fire the next day.

Well, that's all I'm gonna share. Missing a few, but have no idea where or if I still have the photographs.
I hope you enjoyed Quondam Tuesday Proms!


Scribe said...

Those prom pictures remind me of my parents! So awesome! My dad had a blue tux with ruffles... and a humongous bow tie!

An English Shepherd said...

What big lapels in the 70's!!!

Cool pics :-)


THese pics are a hoot. Remid me of some of mine except I'm older than you so mine are much funnier. Someday I'll post some of those.
Thanks for putting a smile on my face.
Blessings, Barb

And please Janis, do breathe....

Scott said...

I always hoped a girl would ask me to a Turnabout dance, but it never happened. It was not because I wanted to go to a dance; I just wanted to think a girl noticed me. Took me until college to ever find a girl with any interest in me. So I went and married her! (Thank goodness.)