Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mischievous Mischa

Mischa at the neighbors
I have been allowing Mischa to go outside a bit.  She is an indoor cat for the most part.  Our neighborhood is quite safe and our home is in the center of the addition. I would worry more if it were closer to the main street or the field. She has been behaving and sticking close to home. She likes to climb the neighbor swing set, and since no one lives in this home currently, I do let her roam over. Mostly she just rolls on the patio, climbs our trees and stays within sight.
Although she does sneak off...
Today, she wandered off to a neighbors.  Technically, she was three house down, however, because of the curved road, she only cut through on yard. She slipped through the fence, and plopped down on their patio.  The neighbors must have been at work.  Their Dog was inside the house going BANANAS! I am sure she could care less that she was trespassing.  I stood outside this fenced in yard, calling her, coaxing her, as she completely ignored me. Even when I went to get some food to shake up, she ignored me.  I finally went after TUNA... That worked eventually...
Guess who got a BIG time out in Da Da Daa! THE CRATE?


Reality Jayne said...

Now that she has the taste of freedom and the great outdoors, she can't help but want outside.
Has she come across any bunnies, squirrels, or birds yet?.......That always seals the deal

Linda said...

Winston doesn't have claws so he can't be let outdoors but we've always just kept cats indoors, except for bringing them out (on a lease) in our lap on the front porch. He never likes it for long and wants to go back in and LOL - you could never coax Winston with Tuna or ANY human food - he runs away from human food. The only thing he eats is dry, diet cat food. Most peculiar for sure, which is probably why he's our cat, lol.

Your cat is beautiful. :)