Saturday, March 12, 2011

Love American Style

Are you old enough to remember the very hip comedy anthology "Love American Style"? It aired between 1969 and 1974. I remember well, having sleep overs or being at a sleep over on Friday nights watching this along with The Partridge Family. The two coolest shows at that time of my pre-teen to early teen years.

Love American Style would have a revolving cast of celebrities doing skits or short stories of romance and comedy. It was somewhat racy I remember, then again I was young and the mere thought of sex was taboo.

The Love Boat followed suit with the same concept a few years later.

What brought me to think about this tonight is a rather familiar sight.

Hubby & I heard a series of pops or booms. Further investigating, stepping outside where the sound was coming from, I caught sight of fireworks in the sky on this pleasant evening. But, rather than a regular kind of firework, they were beautiful red heart shape fireworks. Something I have never seen in person. It was something out of the movies. We were able to see five or six, along with a few other neighbors stepping out to get a look. I wish I caught it on film, but did not. I am sure it will stay with me though.  I wonder if this was for a wedding, an anniversary or even a proposal. I did find a similar one on YouTube. Click HERE
How very sweet.
It reminded me so much my romantic comedy Love American Style♥
Click HERE for a YouTube clip of the old Love American Style Intro.

I miss fun television like these cheesy shows. Maybe I need to go rent a few!


Reality Jayne said...

I miss them too...I still think Friday nights were the best...Brady Bunch Partrige Family,
Saturday night: Mary Tyler Moore Bob Newhart, Carol Burnett, followed with Love Boat.........
Sunday: Happy Days, All in the Family, Barney Miller Charlies Angels.............sigh....... Those were the days....for sure
I still remember lying in bed as a kid and listening to Johnny Carson.
When we have our getaway we can rent them.....The lost tapes

Tina said...

Talk about a blast from the past! I loved those shows!
They were definitely the good ol' days! Life should be so simple again...

Mark Pressley said...

The hint of something dirty is always sexier than just nasty. I remember Love American Style well and hoping for just a little bit of some bad behavior. Fireworks is a regular occurrence around here I love em bigger is better, we were in Florida for New Years Eve this year and have a home in a gated community near Naples at midnight I lit it up for a half hour the old farts there hate me.

Scott said...

I favored Jayne's Saturday night line-up, but I do remember thinking Love American Style was on the naughty side. Now it could probably pass as a children's show. Thanks to you, I now have the theme song stuck in my head. "Love American style, truer than the red, white and blue..."

janis said...

Saturday night was the BOMB too! I wanted to be Carol Burnett. She was outstanding. Still love her!