Sunday, March 20, 2011


me & my Sis 1963

do not fade 
from the 
lives we touch."


Linda said...

I LOVE that quote and the precious photo!!!

Hope you have a wonderful week, my friend.


Something Special said...

Very cute photo. Thanks for visiting my family blog, 'Go ahead and Ask' Julie Harward's daughter is married to my son. I love Julie too! I am commenting from my other creative Something Special blog, and if you would like to visit there, you can see some really cute pictures of my granddaughter Kinley. I have to tell you that if you have to move to Southern Nevada, Logandale is the best community in the state. We have lived here for 16 years, and all out children have graduated from the high school here. The Clark Co fair is here and lots of people live out here and commute into Las Vegas to work. We are right off the interstate. If you ever want any more input about this area, just let me know. Thanks again!

bj said...

awww, this is so so sweet.
Can't wait to see your tree skirts. I know they will be so cute...:))When you finish them, I'll buy you a bag of powdered donuts..:)

janis said...

Thanks Linda~
Michelle~ I will check out Something Special. It's a small world! I found Julie a while back & love her blog and her kind comments to me. I will look @ Logansdale as well. It's a transfer and I am so grateful I can search at so much with the internet! And I have a good window to avoid jumping too fast.
BJ~ It will take me FOREVER! lol. Actually I think its the prepping the squares that is taking so long. I, holding you to the doughnuts!

Napierson said...

sibling love, nothing better