Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Elizabeth Taylor

This morning the legendary glamorous Elizabeth Taylor passed away. She was 79.
The thing I loved about Elizabeth Taylor was her elegant way to deal with "stuff". She was extremely classy.
As well as being an extraordinary Film and Broadway star, she had a passion for jewelry and designed for "The Elizabeth Collection". She also had a perfume collection, Passions, White Diamonds, & Black Pearls. White Diamonds has been in the top 10 perfume sales for the past decade.

She was a larger than life participant in charities, particularly, AIDS-related charities and fundraisers. She raised awareness and enabled people to relate to and understand better a frightening disease through her humanity and knowledge.

Liz had a grace about her. Even as a child actress, an elegance and beauty deeper than physical. She was strong, desirable and likable. 

How fortunate for us to have witnessed her talents.  How Blessed her loved ones were to have her a part of their lives. 
Heaven just received another Angel.


Scribe said...

White Diamonds was my Nan's fave perfume... great memories...

Linda said...

Nice tribute and beautiful photos of her.


My sons (late teens-early 20') did not understand the spell she cast on a generation--they only know her from the tabloid coverage of her friendship with Michael Jackson, and some perfume commercials. We bought the DVD of the film, 'Cat on a Ht Tin Roof,' this summer, starring her and Paul Newman, and watched it. I wasn't sure they would like it--no 'action,' no car chases, no battles, no explosions. My boys were completely drawn in, and now they get it...and I had forgotten how stunning she was.