Wednesday, March 16, 2011


translated from Japanese to English
Love, Prayers and Help

I know you are all aware and following along with the current tragedies in Japan.
First came the massive Earthquake,
followed by the devastating Tsunami,
and now the damaged Nuclear Plant causing much
panic and fear.

And the weather is not helping.

I too have read much in the Internet, paper, and watched
the news intensely.

Tonight reports claim
4164 confirmed deaths
12,000 unaccounted missing

I have been in awe of the amount of people that can / will stop and go help without a second thought.
I am so impressed with the many Bloggers that have written beautiful pieces and are doing so much with them for the Japanese victims.

My Blogger friend Erin Wallace did it best 
(of what I have seen)
Please click this link
Her Blog
Dropped Stitches
is a wonderful resource of ways you can help
as well as cool things you can purchase that will also help through proceeds.

I also found helpful the radio station I listen to

Please remember, Prayer is Free!
We can all keep those affected by this disaster in our prayers.

This will have a domino effect in many ways.

Let's be a part of the positive effect.


Lori ann said...

Sending prayers from here Janis. So heartbreaking.

Bee Lady said...

Thanks Janis for a great post. I have a cousin over there in the Navy and his wife is there. She's Japanese. Her family is all there and so far, they are safe. It is just all so scary and sad.

Cindy Bee