Monday, February 28, 2011

Bye Bye February!

I ended this month with a nice weekend. Finally. A nice weekend.
I got to see my Girls. Yesterday was Mom's Weekend with Chi Omega.
This is the back of my new T-Shirt. Great Lincoln quote. Emily, my Chi-O, and I enjoyed our craft project. We painted a pottery margarita glass. (I will have to show you after it is fired and back). Here is Emily & some of her Sorority Sisters.
Emily is 2nd row, 3rd from right (w/ glasses)
I could kick myself for not getting a picture of us together or one of Annie & Emily when we had lunch first. {What kind of a Mom, forgets to take pictures???}. I am glad my girls choose to do the Sorority thing. It has been a great opportunity for them both.

I also got to see a couple of office friends on Saturday. We met up at my favorite little pie & coffee spot. Grand Traveres Pie Company. Yum Yum! Love this little shop! So glad it isn't closer as I would stop too often!

Here is sweet Airam & me.  I love Airam. She is my sweet substitute daughter that I enjoyed so much working with and developing a friendship. I miss her and working with her allow me to see her daily.

This is Sarah and her precious little Emma. So glad Emma was able to join us as well. Sarah is just an adorable little Momma. I miss her daily as well. When you are thrown together in a work pool, sometimes the friends you make will impact you forever. These gals have done so with me. I do hope to remain lifers with them.

Last night, we had a heck of a storm or two pass through. We fell asleep to the distance sounds of thunder and lightening which always makes for delightful sleep. However, this morning, I awoke at 2:30 to the SIRENS alerting us to severe weather. Checking the television I was alerted to Tornado Warning in my area. Wait a minute... warning vs watch... It's the middle of the night, I cant remember which is the one you take cover.. so I google and YIKES! one has been sighted and could be heading toward my area. YIKES!! Another is sighted close to where my daughters live! OMGosh! Do I take cover? Call the girls? Why is Sergio asleep? He is such a light sleeper! Why isn't all this waking him up??? I sat up watching the reports tracking it, and kept vigil to what was happening outside. The temperature rose to 66 degrees rather quickly... then dropped back to 54. As it dropped I was relieved. I remember when a couple of tornadoes passed through prior. The intense rise in temperature is classic. One afternoon, it missed our neighborhood by a hair, but tore up neighboring neighborhoods. Quite a fright. Then on another evening, as the girls slept, Hubby out of town, I was up late doing laundry, watching and wondering if this was a Tornado. My dryer went off and I stepped into the laundry room. I heard the FREIGHT TRAIN that many mentioned and stepped out in time to see our trampoline twist into the air. It severed two neighbor trees and landed a twisted mess of pieces a few house away.
As a child my friend lost her home, and pets in a horrific storm. She received massive scars from the closet door hinges that torn through her leg.
Last night Hubby did wake when I returned to bed. The sirens were off, and the storms were heavy. We did not get hit, however, with the mast amounts of snow that melted yesterday as well as the heavy storms, we have a lot of flooding around us. My yard is a soggy mess, but no damage.
Annie standing in her flooded parking
Also my girls are fine. It hit south of their area. Annie sent me this picture of her in her parking. Luckily her truck sat high enough. {I think she is standing in a trash bag?}

Today I bid good riddance to February.

Don't let the door hit you in the behind on your way out, February! You were not kind to me. Not a favorite month.
You made me say good bye to a dear friend, and I am still painfully missing him.
Hubby has been not  been feeling up to par all month. He can't kick this throat virus, his back pain has been intense, and his mental being has been challenge from work stress, as well as our loss in Ron.
My youngest was in a serious car accident, and while overjoyed that she and her friends are safe and for the most part okay, I am still concerned about her head injury, and the fact that it still hurts. I think we need to re-visit the Doctor.
February has been unsuccessful for me to find a job... not a real biggy as I have now been unemployed for 4 months now.
Our Indiana governmental situations and the widely splitting of our state, as to who's side you are on. Is very laboring. It makes me sick to think that loved ones can't see this for what it is. Then again, this will be up for discussion, as it really depends on how you see it as to how you feel. Rare is the neutral person. It is a Black or White side. No Gray in between. It is dividing friendships. Regardless it has been difficult, particularly for us and our disposition.
As March Roars in, I am going to embrace it. Bring it on! I can't wait. I am going to be stronger, wiser, and more positive. It's gonna be a great month!
{peace in the valley}


rosaria said...

That's the spirit! After all, the girls are o.k., the tornado missed you, and spring is on the way.

Linda said...

Ah yes, Tornado warnings... the thing I HATE about Spring and Summer. But, like you, I'm soooo ready for warmth and sunshine. Seems like it's been another 2 weeks since we last saw the sun here - every day has been grey and gloomy.

I'm glad you're all fine. Loved seeing your pictures and you had a wonderful weekend for sure. The t-shirt is so cute and how fun that they had a craft.

Hope March is a good month for you sweetie. I'm starting my March with a vacation day and something that I'm deeming, the "magical mystery tour" with my parents. We're literally stepping back into the past. Hopefully I have good stories to share later in the week.

Take care,
Linda ♥

Queen of...Whatever said...

Yep February ....yuk.
I will be coming back soon...but be on the lookout for a mysterious comment message

Ziongirl said...

Be safe my friend!
Be happy my friend!
Let's both be happy that March is here. YIPPEE..........

Mark Pressley said...

The quote on your T Shirt is one of my favorite mainly because Lincoln was referring to his step mom. Abe lost his real mom when he was young and his dad was a mess he came and went & was gone for long periods of a time. Young Abe cared for his siblings while dad was out wandering till one day dad brought home their new mom. There are many references to how Abe loved this woman for raising him after that.

Mark Pressley said...

As to February Good Riddance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mark Pressley said...

The State stuff is deep and I respect how your family is paid and your opinion. I have some takes on this topic but mainly just dissapointed in elected officals running off from their sworn and paid duties.

Maggie said...

Yet another example of being made to realise how lucky we are to live where we do, with no serious flooding, nothing like tornadoes and only the mildest of earthquakes a couple of years ago that woke us up with everything shaking for a few seconds. People over here moan about the long winter, all the snow, blah blah blah, when really they should be thanking their lucky stars they don't live in Christchurch, or the parts of Australia that were badly hit, places with tornado warnings like you have and so on. Yes, we are indeed lucky. Hope this month turns out to be a better month for you... you are no doubt a stronger person for having had to endure all this negativity, though small comfort I know.