Monday, February 28, 2011

Bye Bye February!

I ended this month with a nice weekend. Finally. A nice weekend.
I got to see my Girls. Yesterday was Mom's Weekend with Chi Omega.
This is the back of my new T-Shirt. Great Lincoln quote. Emily, my Chi-O, and I enjoyed our craft project. We painted a pottery margarita glass. (I will have to show you after it is fired and back). Here is Emily & some of her Sorority Sisters.
Emily is 2nd row, 3rd from right (w/ glasses)
I could kick myself for not getting a picture of us together or one of Annie & Emily when we had lunch first. {What kind of a Mom, forgets to take pictures???}. I am glad my girls choose to do the Sorority thing. It has been a great opportunity for them both.

I also got to see a couple of office friends on Saturday. We met up at my favorite little pie & coffee spot. Grand Traveres Pie Company. Yum Yum! Love this little shop! So glad it isn't closer as I would stop too often!

Here is sweet Airam & me.  I love Airam. She is my sweet substitute daughter that I enjoyed so much working with and developing a friendship. I miss her and working with her allow me to see her daily.

This is Sarah and her precious little Emma. So glad Emma was able to join us as well. Sarah is just an adorable little Momma. I miss her daily as well. When you are thrown together in a work pool, sometimes the friends you make will impact you forever. These gals have done so with me. I do hope to remain lifers with them.

Last night, we had a heck of a storm or two pass through. We fell asleep to the distance sounds of thunder and lightening which always makes for delightful sleep. However, this morning, I awoke at 2:30 to the SIRENS alerting us to severe weather. Checking the television I was alerted to Tornado Warning in my area. Wait a minute... warning vs watch... It's the middle of the night, I cant remember which is the one you take cover.. so I google and YIKES! one has been sighted and could be heading toward my area. YIKES!! Another is sighted close to where my daughters live! OMGosh! Do I take cover? Call the girls? Why is Sergio asleep? He is such a light sleeper! Why isn't all this waking him up??? I sat up watching the reports tracking it, and kept vigil to what was happening outside. The temperature rose to 66 degrees rather quickly... then dropped back to 54. As it dropped I was relieved. I remember when a couple of tornadoes passed through prior. The intense rise in temperature is classic. One afternoon, it missed our neighborhood by a hair, but tore up neighboring neighborhoods. Quite a fright. Then on another evening, as the girls slept, Hubby out of town, I was up late doing laundry, watching and wondering if this was a Tornado. My dryer went off and I stepped into the laundry room. I heard the FREIGHT TRAIN that many mentioned and stepped out in time to see our trampoline twist into the air. It severed two neighbor trees and landed a twisted mess of pieces a few house away.
As a child my friend lost her home, and pets in a horrific storm. She received massive scars from the closet door hinges that torn through her leg.
Last night Hubby did wake when I returned to bed. The sirens were off, and the storms were heavy. We did not get hit, however, with the mast amounts of snow that melted yesterday as well as the heavy storms, we have a lot of flooding around us. My yard is a soggy mess, but no damage.
Annie standing in her flooded parking
Also my girls are fine. It hit south of their area. Annie sent me this picture of her in her parking. Luckily her truck sat high enough. {I think she is standing in a trash bag?}

Today I bid good riddance to February.

Don't let the door hit you in the behind on your way out, February! You were not kind to me. Not a favorite month.
You made me say good bye to a dear friend, and I am still painfully missing him.
Hubby has been not  been feeling up to par all month. He can't kick this throat virus, his back pain has been intense, and his mental being has been challenge from work stress, as well as our loss in Ron.
My youngest was in a serious car accident, and while overjoyed that she and her friends are safe and for the most part okay, I am still concerned about her head injury, and the fact that it still hurts. I think we need to re-visit the Doctor.
February has been unsuccessful for me to find a job... not a real biggy as I have now been unemployed for 4 months now.
Our Indiana governmental situations and the widely splitting of our state, as to who's side you are on. Is very laboring. It makes me sick to think that loved ones can't see this for what it is. Then again, this will be up for discussion, as it really depends on how you see it as to how you feel. Rare is the neutral person. It is a Black or White side. No Gray in between. It is dividing friendships. Regardless it has been difficult, particularly for us and our disposition.
As March Roars in, I am going to embrace it. Bring it on! I can't wait. I am going to be stronger, wiser, and more positive. It's gonna be a great month!
{peace in the valley}

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Bandit..... my naughty boy

The Bandito Sleeping
I LOVE my little Bandit. He is such a precious sweet dog. He has anxiety issues, vision issues, jealousy issues, behavior issues. We shower him with love and affection. We have always treated him extremely well. He loves us and likes to be right up next to us. In fact, he insist on leaning on us or at least sitting on a foot.

I am very frustrated and near wits end over his marking problem. I have tried countless remedies, training tools & methods, and have been trying to correct this for YEARS. My Hubby has no idea how bad it is. He thinks it's an accident now & then. A jealous issue usually (because his mates/buddies are getting attention more than he or we left him too long, etc.)

I have tried things the Vet recommended. I have tried things friends suggest. I have been on Caesar's website and even requested a question about it (no reply). I can't afford a trainer or a Doggy Therapist. 
I need help my Bloggy Friends! I am open to any suggestions. If I put his Doggie Male Wrap on, it protects his targets but them he has a soggy wrap that must be washed right away.
His main targets are the corner of my bed and the curtains in my window seat. I wash these items daily and try all the expensive protein enzyme destroyers.
I love Bandit, but I've had enough of this pissy problem!

Friday, February 25, 2011

All About Janis

My Blogging Buddy Em over in Yorkshire United Kingdom did a post on It's All About Me Me Me and I enjoyed it quite well. Reminded me of some Blogging awards many of us passed around a year or so ago, so this may be a repeat kind of posting for some of you to read about me. But I'm doing it anyway. It may be new to some of you.


Janis Paige 1960's
My Mom tells me that she liked two names for me. Susie and Janis. She chose Janis. At the time of my birth was an Actress named Janis Paige which she admired greatly.

This afternoon. I was driving along, had a hard morning and a song by Mercy Me, and I just started crying. The song was what I needed to move on.

Well duh! If you read my Blog you probably know this because I talk about them all the time.  They actually aren't kids anymore. Emily is 22 and Andrea is 20.
Annie 20 & Emily 22

Kind of an odd question, but, yeah, I always try to treat others as I would want to be treated. I think (hope) I make a good friend.

I don't think I do...But my Hubby says, YES. I think sarcastic but watch my mouth.

Hell No!

The Cap'n & I have had an affair for at least 40 years. Going to have a bowl when I finish this blog posting.

Kindness. I can see it in their face. Their eyes. The way they listen to someone, and the way the respond to others.

Im wearing a Santa's hat...My hair isn't that white!
Definitely Happy Endings!
Something to Talk about, Pretty Woman, Erin Brockovich, My Best Friends Wedding, Notting Hill, Mona Lisa Smiles, Eat, Pray Love... Just about any Julia Roberts movie!

fresh cut grass, coffee in the morning, Burberry (reminds me of Annie), Vera Wang Princess (reminds me of Emily), puppies, rain, books, blown dry hair, autumn leaves & bonfires.

I am Blessed to live where we have four seasons... I prefer the Autumn & Spring seasons most. If I had to chose between Summer & Winter, since I am starting to tire of winter now, I will go with Summer (although I dread sweating!)

Absolutely Computer! The Internet is such an amazing tool.  I am so grateful for it.

I haven't been too many places. My Sis & Brother-In-Law took me up to Canada for lunch when I visited them in South Dakota (yeah..not too close to SD but I have a sweet BIL).  Also the Grand Canyon in Arizona. I've been to Mexico (border town), Texas, Utah, Florida, New York, and everything in between. Hopefully one day I can really go see the world. I would love to go to Italy, United Kingdom. Australia, and several other places!
Grand Canyon 2000

I know sign language, I have a way with children & animals; I'm kind and caring... 
A long time ago, I was limber & double jointed. Also I can tie a cherry stem in a knot in my mouth using my tongue and teeth..a strange skill I learned 27 years ago.  LOL

Right here in Indianapolis, Indiana

Writing my Blog, reading others; Reading;  I want to learn to quilt, knit, & crochet (better).

Always have, always will.  Current Furballs are Riley our Bluetick Coonhound, Bandit our Shepard Mix, Dakota the Parti Color Pomeranian, Rocky the old black Cat, Mescha my sweet crazy cat, and my Grand Cat Isebelle that is staying with us till Emily finishes school.

There are many...All time favorite is probably CRASH
(I know it's not a happy kind of movie, but it is such an intense must see!)
OH YEAH~ Also A Christmas Story! LOVE THIS ONE!

Yes! I was Blessed with the Best Sister Ever! Julie♥ She is two years wiser than me:)

Proud and content.

Okay, that's about it! I wont tag you, but would love to see your answers as well. Come play with me!
Enjoy your weekend♥


Don't worry, I promise not to do a poor poor pitiful me posting.
I'm just sick of the blahs and the yuckies and the cranky mood over our city, the bitching on Facebook and on & on & on.
This morning we woke up to this:
Here's a prettier view without Riley's booty in the shot:
The sky is gray, and Mother Nature painted everything white again. As much as I love snow... I am ready for spring. Especially after last weeks tease.

So, I needed a pick me up...a change..a fresh pick me up.

Time to scroll through the many wonderful background websites and pick something Springy and Fresh.  This one is from My Style. My other favorite's are Shabby Blogs ,   Paisley Cat  ,  The Smitten Blog , and of course, we can't forget, The Cutest Blog on the Block.  Sometimes it's fun for us Bloggers to change it up a bit. Find fun new things and share them with each other.

Rumor is that after a bit of rain to melt this snow, we are expecting warmer and summer days.
Thank Goodness!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


My Dogs are going CRAZY!
They have been in my bedroom window seat, barking, yapping & howling for some time.  They spotted trespassers in the yard and are not very happy about it.
The offenders are five Canadian Geese that decided to stop by for a visit.
Typically, they hang across the street, in my neighbors back yard as they have the pond.  But today, I have a few that wanted to visit our yard.
Currently they have made their way to the back section and are hunkering down by the bird feeder eating what has been kicked out of the feeder.

I don't mind so much.
As long as they do NOT decide to make a nest and have eggs...That would not work so well with my dogs.
That would not so well with me either.
Riley's howling (have you ever heard a coonhound howl?), Bandit's high pitch non-stop barking. And Dakota's little yippie yappy on and on. Geese poop is one of Dakota's favorite things to roll in. (I think he thinks it makes him not so fluffy & cute). Riley will give me a work-out as she gets hot on their scent when I take her out. And Bandit, well, he's just Dog enjoying the opportunity to be a protector.
A daily dose would not be welcomed.
Eventually these Geese will move on. There are such nicer quieter yards to choose from.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Quondam Tuesday

Today I am taking you back to my Great-Grandmother Beulah Rahmann again. Last week I shared a couple of old wedding photos. This week we will go back a little further of some of her history.
She grew up in Lyons Kansas. This is her parents home in which she lived while they were in Lyons. The photo is actually a news clipping from many years later, as the home was for sale but from the folks that live here after the Butlers. My Great Great Grandfather was Tom Butler of the State Builder & Railroad Contractor.
Nice little crib...
Next I am going to share one of Tom's other passions. His "colts".  This photograph is from 1904, from Arlington, Kansas. He would travel his with prized colts to sell, trade and buy new. I love this photo and I hope you can see it as it is so very faded.
Arlington Kansas 1904 Colt Show
His final passion was his daughters. All eight of them.
The Butler Sisters Spring of 1911
My Great Grandmother Beulah, Granny as she was affectionately known to me. Was the oldest of the girls, on the far right. This photo was taken of the Butler Sisters prior to Beulah's wedding (I noticed she wore this dress, for her graduation photo, her Sister photo and her wedding. Must have been her good dress. The  truly amazing thing is, she snipped portions of it and gave to her own daughters. My Grandmother Mellie, gave it to my Mother, but unfortunately, it perished before my Sister & I were grown. I do remember seeing and touching it, and was in awe over the delicate material and the beautiful stitch work). I believe my Granny was also the last survivor of the girls. One died in childhood, one at the hands of her husband. Then one by one they died, mostly of age related complications.  Beulah, after a wonderful long marriage to a man she loved, and buried, lived on to around 102, I believe. I was just out of high school, and although we lived far apart, I was very fortunate to know her, and visit many times. She was an amazing woman with many stories to tell. I wish now I paid more attention. My Sister has much of the history Granny wrote and collected & Julie will organize it.

One final photograph I wan to share.
This on I call "The Men of Frigidaire". Because it is glued into a very old album, I can not see the date, but assume it was around 1910s-1920s. The man on the far right bottom row, was my Uncle Richard, that married Beulah's sister Annie.

He was a top man in the company, and I feel this picture is really cool. Loving the automobiles in the background, and the snazzy sharp dressed men. I love this photo!

Hope you enjoyed Quondam Tuesday at Just Breathe Janis♥

Friday, February 18, 2011

Blogette Gathering @ Janis' Dream House

Today is the last day you can enter to win the HGTV Dream House located in Stow, Vermont.

I have dutifully entered everyday.  I really want to win this. The contest just ended, but hear is the link if you want to see more photos:  Janis Dream House at HGTV
I'm sharing with you, because when I win, I want to have a big Blog World Party and invite my Blogger friends. Wanna see inside?
HGTV Dream House Living Room
This is the living room where we will meet and wait for everyone to get here. Herrad from Access Denied- Living with MS and Linda from Over The Fence will help me greet everyone.
HGTV Dream House Kitchen
We will get Kristen from Kristen in London and Pammy from Scotty's Place to cook in here. These two always make me hungry when I read what they are currently cooking up. Very different styles, but yummy yummy yummy!

HGTV Dream House Deck & Patio
After filling our tummies, lets enjoy the sunset, laughing on the patio with a couple bottles of wine. Emma from Garden Peas and Fleas , Cindy from The Bee Lady from Hilltop Farm , and Queenie from The Palace Post can entertain us with funny stories.  We might get some deeper thoughts from Rosaria from Sixtyfivewhatnow , Willow from Life at Willow Manor , and poor Mark {who will be so outnumbered but not care} from A Pirate's Look @ 50 . And a younger point of view from Bridgette at Lifes a Beach , Kimberly from A Spicy Boy, a Cat and My Big Ass and Erin from Dropped Stitches .
HGTV Dream House Family Room
Then we can move back into the Family Room, where Lori from Lori Times Five will show us how to make Green Sleeves and Brooke from Brookies Cookie Jar , Julie from The Harwards and Tina from akagramma can tell us funny stories about their sweet Grandbabies.
We might need to rest up. Who gets the guest room?
HGTV Dream House Guest Room
And then there's this fun room too!
HGTV Dream House Ski Bunk Room
If Darcel from The Mahogany Way brings her cuties they are gonna claim this fun room!

Wizz from An English Shepard gets the master bedroom, as there is an awesome Dog House/Bed for her in there.
HGTV Dream House Master Bedroom

We will need to rest up so we can go exploring as Anne from Anne Frannie's Green Acres , Carolynn from A Glowing Ember , JC from Lilacs & Cats , Barbara from Writings- the Ups and Downs, Ellen from Stuff from Ellens Head , Cynthia at Cynthia's Blog , Anne from Just I and Myself will get us going on enjoying the sights and shops.

Hopefully we can get Reya  from According to the Cosmology of Reya to take some cool photos while we vacation!

Anyone I did not mention, you are still invited, (this is just taking too long to post!). 

Lets hope I win! It would be a BLAST!

House Roots

Julie & Me on Audubon Rd
Have you ever gone back & looked at the homes you grew up in?  Curious to what they look like now?  Did they seemed so big when you were young, and now you realize how tiny they were?

Some people are able to know what the home they grew up in is like because perhaps their parents still live there.  Or maybe they still live there.

In years past, while I was a Realtor, I did "look" at a few of my "growing up" homes via the internet when they were listed, but never actually walked through one.

Lately, I have been thinking about them.  What if we stayed here or there? Would things have been different? Would I have taken different paths? 

The four homes my parents had during my childhood were close in location. I went to one school for Kindergarten and 1st grade, then stayed in the same school district for the other two.

I remember all but one. The first home I lived in, I was quite young when we moved and much was happening in our lives that caused us to not have many photographs. I know the name of the street but do not know the exact address.

I google mapped th remaining three and zoomed in (such a creeper!).

This first one is sad... The house has been in ruins and someone has recently bought it and has repaired it.
Windsor Drive
When I lived here as a little girl, I remember shrubs in the front of the porch giving it much privacy, and the most beautiful Iris'. I imagine that is why I favor them so much. Mom's were so lovely. This tiny hill seemed huge as a little girl. The drive way was dangerously steep & my folks walked our tricycles down it for us. A large tree sat in the side yard, where I learned to climb trees. My parents made this house a home of love. Mom babysat children here, my Sis & I had double birthday parties, we always had fun. It was a wonderful home.

Audubon Road
My parents moved us to this home the summer before starting second grade. Excitedly, my Sister and I embraced our beautiful home, new neighborhood and new school. Shortly after moving here, my Grandmother Mellie, moved in with us. (I had my own room for about a year, then happily moved in with my Sis...she probably wasn't as excited). That was home for just three years. Unfortunately, not a lot of great memories there.

19th Street
This was home. This is where we moved while in fourth grade. I lived here until I moved out on my own. This was the neighborhood house. My Mom found it when Julie was at a slumber party around the block. My Sister and I were always spending the nights over in this neighborhood. This house had 5 bedrooms believe it or not. Two upstairs, and three in the basement. Over the years, I moved through 4 of them! In high school, I had the rooms above the garage. (Imagine me climbing out that window, up to the top, where I sat many nights to think, pray, and just have some air. I also may have gone over the other side & down the awning to "escape" a few times...shhh!)  My parents kept this house for many years after Julie & I moved out, later downsizing to a one story home.

After I moved out, I lived in many, many homes. A dormitory during college, a few apartments and duplexes until my life began with Sergio.

Sergio was smart with house purchasing and together we worked our way through 10 homes in 25 years! Amazingly, we stayed in one home for 10 while the girls went through most of their school years.

We were fortunate with the housing market. We lived in wonderful homes. My girls, particularly through their school years, had the best neighborhood, pools, basketball court, cul-de-sac, and tons of neighborhood kids to play with.

While I love the house we currently live in, I know, we will move again. We hope to move just one, maybe two more times. This time we are considering going further. We want beaches or mountains. It's a big move. I want to be in a location that my kids will want to come often. I hate the thought of being away from, but I know they are only beginning their own adventures of adulthood.

I am not so sentimental to houses. It's the memories which were formed there. I take them with me. Any house can be a home. It's our job to make it that. I wonder what it would be to let my roots go deep and stay put, but we are so content with pulling them up and re-potting them to new soil.

Now, what about you and your roots?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Blame it on Bad Lighting

Today, I went to the grocery store. Without naming names... I went to the store that has it's own website of "People of.....". Amazing, as I think I have seen some of these same folks in my hometown store, pictures posted on the website.

I notice a lot of people don't look so good in this store's lighting. Here is some of the conversations I had in my head.

Surely that man would not have worn that if he knew it looked that way.

It's nice outside, but not THAT warm!

OMGosh... don't make eye contact.

Did I really just read what I think I did on that Tattoo?

Is that a man or a woman?

What in the Sam Hell is that?

Well that makes me want to throw up a bit..

And I was worried because my hair is in ponytail and no make up?

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Quondam Tuesday

Quondam /kwondem, that once was; sometime; former, bygone, past, old-time, erstwhile

What a beautiful word. It fits well.

I have discovered so many photographs that are old and full of memories. I want to showcase them somehow. I have many of my past and many of relatives lives as well. I thought how fun to have one posted now & then, maybe weekly and write a bit about each one.

Hence the beginning of Quondam Tuesday.

I am going to begin with this:
The Gang~ June1911
This photograph was taken in June of 1911 in Galurrias Texas. (I can't find this town on today's maps but I believe it to be just outside San Antonio). It is the friends of my Great Grand-Mother Beulah & Great Grand-Father Frederick Rahmann.  The back of the photo mentions it was taken after church services, a dinner at her friend Kathryn's home. Granny is front and center, in the white dress. Fritz is top row, first gentleman on the left.
Fritz & Beulah Rahmann Wedding August 1911
 This is their wedding photograph, taken nearly one hundred years ago.
How splendid to have this photograph. My Granny loved to share history.  My Sis paid more attention & is better at knowing our history. I just love the photos.

Monday, February 14, 2011

I Found Her Diary...

Jan's diary 1976
Women my age, remember having at least one Diary. Okay, maybe not all but, many of us. In the era before Internet, we had to express our inner most private feelings, and this very familiar book with a tiny lock, was the go to place for many of us. We told our Diaries of secret crushes, of what we dreamed of, and even boring little trivia stuff.

A few years ago, I discovered three of these little books I kept. I had a laugh then pitched them. I wrote stupid stuff mostly. What we had for dinner, what Julie & I watched on television. Pretty boring and never brave enough to truly write about feelings.
A few weeks ago, this one appeared. Just randomly in a box of old stuff. I set it aside, figuring I get to it later. It sat on my desk, unopened.
As you know, I lost my dear friend, Ron, recently. As we are picking up pieces and moving forward, I am amazed at how many little reminders I keep stumbling upon.
The day we laid my friend to rest, I came home and spotted this book. I thought now is a good time for some smiles. And popped open the little lock.

My Diary is dated January 1st, 1976. I am 13 years old, and in eighth grade. I talk about my first crush... a cute boy by the name of Ronnie Seats.
The friend, I just lost.

The Diary is written poorly. My grammar, spelling, and penmanship is horrible. But, I didn't really understand what you do with a Diary. I certainly was silly about what I decided to write.
Poor Ronnie... I chased him for four months. Pretty scary. Then I finally accepted friendship was better than nothing. The friendship lasted a lifetime. For that I am grateful.

When I read some of the weird stuff I wrote about, I wonder what was I thinking? Or more appropriately, thank God, I grew up!

Today's young girls have such a wider opportunity to express themselves. How cool would it be to have had a Video Diary much like the girl "Blossom", a 1990's sitcom character did. I tried to get my daughters interested in writing Diaries. Journals. Even wanted to get them video camera's to video their youth. They were too busy. Not writers.  They both take a ton of photos like their Momma. But they keep them logged in their Facebook mostly and I worry they will lose them one day. They both have many photographs and even scrapbooks from their youth, particularly high school.

For me, my Diary today is my Blogs.  I write about day to day as well as feelings and thoughts. Hopefully, I am not as boring as when I was thirteen.  Luckily, I paid attention in high school and my grammar and spelling has gotten better. (Also we have Spell Check to help).

I have had the song, "DIARY" from Bread in my head since starting this post. Remember it?
"I found her Diary underneath a tree,
and started reading about me..
the words she written took me by surprise,
you'd never read them in her eyes.."

click here for song:  YouTube Diary by Bread

Valentine Loves

I am still amiss and need to get my grove back.  Writing is good but hard right now. With Valentines Day here I thought about writing a post, but get so frustrated with this Hallmark Holiday, I don't always play into it. However, I read something at Wandering Mind from Pink Dogwood that made me smile. I decided it was worthy to do as well so here goes.

Happy Valentines Day
Here is what I love:
  • I love God.   
  • I love my Husband, Sergio
  • I love my Daughters, Emily & Andrea
  • I love the rest of my family..even the crazy ones
  • I love my friends {also even the crazy ones}
  • I love my Dogs: Riley, Bandit & Dakota
  • I love my Cats: Rocky & Mescha...and Emily's Cat, Isabelle
  • I love my Country
  • I love my President, Barack Obama
  • I love my Religion
  • I love Texas
  • I love Arizona
  • I love Fall
  • I love Spring
  • I love Dark Chocolate
  • I love Olives
  • I love Bleu Chees
  • I love my Therapist, Betsy
  • I love Iris' and Peonies
  • I love the smell of Autumn
  • I love being a Mother
  • I love Reading
  • I love Writing
  • I love being Needed
  • I love Old People
  • I love Making Others Happy
  • I love Coffee
  • I love Hot Bubble Baths
  • I love Horses
  • I love Antiques
  • I love my Select Comfort Bed
  • I love Music from Beethoven to ZZ Top
  • I love Marriage
  • I love the Beach
  • I love Learning New Things
  • I love Opportunity
  • I love Freedom
  • I love Blogs
  • I love Sex
  • I love Trees
  • I love Stained Glass
  • I love Having My Hair Washed & Dried
  • I love my Daughter's Smiles
  • I love Nancy Noel's Art
  • I love Feeling Safe
  • I love being told I Love You
  • I love the sound of Children's Laughter
  • I love Quilts
  • I love Keepsakes, Especially Things my Daughters made Me
  • I love Loving

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Dang! I Love this Girl!

Julie & Jan 1965
Yesterday, my Sis, Julie came for lunch and a much needed go through with many pictures I have inherited.  We enjoyed Roasted Stuffed Tomatoes, Grilled Cheese  (w/ that crushed olive spread I love to make) and a little vino.
I needed to laugh. It has been such a difficult sad couple of weeks. Julie was just the right dose of medicine.

Jan & Julie 1967
I am a picture person. I have always cherished photographs. Even of eras that were sad or troubling. It's like validating what had happened or what we survived. Julie is not so much into hanging onto the past. I admire and wish I too could shut out some of the memories. Everyone has different coping methods. I need to bury some stuff. She helps me do so.

Julie & Jan 1980
Julie also had a little trouble recognizing some faces in the photos. This photo was taken when we were 18 & 20. I was leaving for college on this day, & Julie was soon leaving as well (out of state). We look a little scared. Julie picked this photo up and said, "who is this?" I'm still laughing that she didn't recognize herself!

Jan & Julie 1982
My Sis and I had a lot of "stuff" to endure through life. As everyone does. Some survive, some don't. One thing I am so glad to have had is a sister to look over me and be there through it all. I don't know how I would have been able to survive without her. With the lack of technology we had then, even when we were separate in different cities and states, we still managed to keep in touch. I always had her right there with me. In my heart and head if not by my side.

The best trips have always been with Julie. We have taken a few together but need to do many more. She completely gets me and she accepts and loves me just the way I am.
For that I am truly Blessed and wouldn't trade her for anyone. My parents & God gave me the best sister!
Jan & Julie 1997
Julie & Jan 2009
I love you Jewels♥

Friday, February 11, 2011

Peeling back a Layer

With the recent events of my life, particularly losing my friend, I feel a layer has been peeled much like an onion. ( which by the way, I hate onions, but think this is a great metaphor). In what I feared would be a horrific and heavily medicated couple of days, when by much smoother than anticipated. I definitely was shook up. I went through the roller coaster of feeling as though I would throw up, to feeling Ron was guiding me along.
As I mentioned prior, our friendship goes way back. It also is a friendship in which my husband shared with Ron. Hubby was just as close, if not more so in some ways.
With stripping this layer off, although a bit exposed I am stronger.
I am ready to go on, and not take life for granted. I am ready to embrace what God has planned and to see the beauty in what lies before us.
I want to thank you all for your support and show of love. Ron's service was incredible. He will live on in our hearts and I am a better person because of that.