Monday, January 24, 2011

A Little Rambling

Interesting day...
Well, boring really, but I feel like rambling.

Hubby has been adjusting our furnace for the past month. Basically, it is shot, but we didn't want to buy a new one right now (I'm still unemployed, and who wants to spend thousands on a furnace?) Our home has two furnaces, the main one heats the majority of the home; living room, family room, kitchen, dining room, 3 bedrooms. The previous owners, added an in-law suite (we use as our bedroom) and a room I use as my office. These rooms have an additional furnace as well. Thank goodness we have the "spare" when the major one goes out, we have warmth in our bedroom! Hubby is a clever fellow & surprises me with his wealth of knowledge and ability to make things work.  When he can't figure it out, he will adjust it somehow. I swear the man has the ability to make things work by intimidation! When the furnace wouldn't kick back on, Hubby "kicked the crap out of it"... literally. I heard the banging, ran to the garage & there he was kicking & punching the side. Apparently, he loosened the "crap" the builds up in the gas lines. He has been repeating this beating every now and then for the past month or so. After a while, there is no crap left to knock loose and there comes a time when you just gotta replace the dang thing! Today, we got that final diagnose and will replace it tomorrow. Today I met with the Heater Man, as he calls himself. Can't wait to sign a check over to him tomorrow. {heavy sigh}

I called to set an appointment for an interview with a prospective job. The GM had called me Friday, asked me if I could call Monday at 9:00am to set the appointment. I did, but he was, "swamped and asked if he could call me back later this afternoon." "Sure! I look forward to hearing from him." He didn't call. I don't know if I should be worried or relieved.

I did get called from the hospital I am wanting to volunteer with. We did a phone interview and I am getting assigned to go forward with the Help Program, that will allow me to work with the elderly. I am so excited. This is the assignment I was hoping to get! I have another interview with them as well as starting my blood work, id printing, etc. on Friday. If we still feel this is the right assignment, I will get some necessary training, then do a shadow day.

I had fun at the Gynecologist this afternoon. (NOT). Oh I hate these yearly check ups. This one was particularly stressful, as it has been a year since my last clear PAP, following two years of slice & dice of my cervix. If you are an old follower of my blog, you may remember my run in with cancerous cell growth that plagued my cervix. Grrrr, it was frustrating. However, I was overjoyed to finally get a green light of "cleared".  Dreading today as I don't want to hear, "well, it is abnormal again and we need to take a closer look"...
It's wait and see time.

I started writing in my other blog. I have a private one. It has more ugly & bad, than good.  I write some good in it :) It needed it. I am going to try to be more positive in both.

Uhmmm, what else.
Creeped on facebook, Read a little. Cooked one of the PF Chang meals from the grocery (which was really good, Hubby & I both enjoyed). Oh yeah, came up with a craft for my giveaway in the pay it forward.

uhmmm. I'm bored. Think I will watch the Bachelor.

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Queen of...Whatever said...

Hmmm...It is good rambling...
I have an electric blanket for my freezing nights...
Good luck with the DR.