Sunday, January 30, 2011

I remember...

Thinking about childhood last night made me think about some stuff.

You may remember some of these as well.
 Playing with Kiddles way longer than I should have. But they were so cute!

Tiger Beat Magazine
Reading my favorite gossip magazines.

Mark Spitz

Sneaking into Julie's room to stare at this poster. (It was lifesize!)

Playing kickball in our cul-de-sac till porch lights came on to signal us to come home.

Tammy Bayliff, Mary Chrenshaw, Me
 Memories of my Camp Fire Sisters. And the shenanigans we got into.

Believing my Sis, that Bobby Sherman's song, "Julie, Julie, Do you Love Me", was written for her.

 Playing down at the "forbidden creek" by our neighborhood.

Watching & knowing that The Partridge Family was way cooler than The Brady Bunch.

Shari, Me, Janet, Leann, Julie

Whenever the Tribby cousins came to town.

Maureen Kern, Me & Lisa Deer
Birthday parties!

Slumber Parties, and playing the stupid games like, "I think shes dead..." and having seances, and playing Ouija. (Then being to afraid to fall asleep.)

{Im the last one kneeling on right}
Summer Camp at Bradford Woods Camp Fire Girls Camp. (Even though I worked in the kitchen for my "scholarship").

Me, Carla, & Julie
Dance Lessons..(nervous about recital).

Fancy & Me
Riding Horses at Grandma & Grandpa's home.

Grandma, Grandpa, & Me
Learning to work hard. Hard enough to be sore and learn to appreciate it.

My parents Volkswagons.

Childhood pets...

Summer porch jam seasons with my Uncles, Aunts, Grandparents, & friends, down in Texas.

Grandma & Me
Grandpa & Me
Being very silly and laughing with my Grandparents.

Jubilee & Me at the tack house after a big storm
Caring for the horses to earn my keep, during the summers in Texas.

Being so excited when my Dad bought us the "Video" game PONG.

I could go on and on.... Last night, I just kept thinking of all this stuff. A lifetime ago. Yet, only yesterday.


Queen of...Whatever said...

Brought back memories...70s (late 60s)were good times

Tina said...

This brought back a lot of memories for me! Gotta love the 70's! Those were the days!

rosaria said...

Good times indeed! My children would agree those days were rad.

Fire Byrd said...

Oh your such a baby girl. I was training as a nurse in the 70s and far to grown up to indulge in the Osmonds/Partridge family. But if you'd said the Small Faces,Andy Fairweather Low and the words groovy and fab in large letters then those are the pictures you'd have found on my bedroom wall.
And endless listening to Good Vibrations, All you Need is Love then we'd be talking!!!
Lovey to see so many of your wonderful childhood memories, especially with your grandparents. happy times by the look of the pics.

Anonymous said...

Dang Jan! Where'd you find all these photos? You have so many that I don't ever remember seeing! Yes, sis, we gotta get together soon!
Luv Ya!

Linda said...

I LOVED Liddle Kiddles!!!! I still have one of mine - it's a sleeptime kiddle in her pink cradle. :)

Loved this post - great memories and photos. I didn't do nearly as much stuff as you - my sisters and I lived pretty sheltered lives, lol.

JC said...

It does seem like yesterday doesn't it ...

Ziongirl said...

The 70's! Best Time Ever! Thanks for the memories!