Sunday, October 24, 2010


Amazing to me how inspired I can get.  I feel so inadequate. I see so many amazing people and I am in awe. I try my best to be a good person, to pay it forward, and to make others feel better.

I have been in a rut. Yet I dare not complain as I realize I have it good. I should be grateful and well, shut up. Who am I to complain?  I have my health, a roof over my head. Two wonderful daughters, and an incredible husband.

But, things are far from perfect.

Recently, I have been faithfully following two blogs.
Bowen's Heart
and Access Denied ~ Living with Multiple Sclerosis

Bowen's Heart I posted earlier about asking for your prayers for this mighty little fighter. I continue to read daily and to pray for him and his precious family. His parents faith has truly moved me and strengthened my own faith.
Access Denied is written by one of the most extraordinary women I have ever read of. Herrad, writes of her journey of having MS.  Things I so often take for granted, I am reminded are luxurious things that not everyone can do.

Herrad graciously has given me an award.
I am very honored and touched that she has passed this on to me. Particularly since I have not been writing well lately. Or at least not writing from my heart. Her encouragement gives me hope and a smile. She makes me want to put myself out there again. She has given me a nudge I have been needing. Thank you Herrad. You are such a wonderful Blogger and inspire me every day!

So, I guess I am to pass this on. Many of my favorite and worthy Blogs I follow, do not accept awards so that makes it more difficult to make the choices. I am going to cheat a bit. I think this is worthy to all I follow so I am inviting all those wonderful Bloggers to come snatch it up. My words to those of you reading this that want to know a good blog to read... please click on any that I follow. They are all MARVELOUS!

10 Things I have Learned About the Girls

This is a list of TEN THINGS I have learned about my daughters that I have observed over this past weekend. Having to do with them being college students mostly.

1.My college student daughters need naps. I think this is to compensate the late hours they keep.
2. Sororities cost a lot to keep the sisters dressed in the hundred or so Greek T-Shirts they don with varies "events" that they have participated in.
3. My daughters still wear the same cheer shorts they worn in Junior High.
4.The laundry consist of a lot of crazy socks. I wonder if they will be like a Grandma always in mismatched socks.
5. Emily's cat will always love her most.
6. They have healthier eating habits than I.
7. At wine tastings, my oldest doesn't "sip", rather "gulps" her samples.
8. My oldest daughter can out drink me.
9. My youngest daughter can "probably" out drink me.  
10. They will always love their Father & I.

Just one of those moments.
I sat here and thought,hmmmmm.

Mel's Run With Delta Zeta

I had a lovely time with my girls for Mel's Run. It was a fund raiser for Riley's Children's Hospital Burn Unit. Annie's sorority Delta Zeta had a a nice turn out on a beautiful day. 
Corey, Annie, & Nathan 
We did the walk. I'm not a runner. It is a fun Run/Walk that allows the participates to bring their dogs. Last year we brought Bandit & Dakota, this year they stayed home.
Annie & her Big~ Katie
Annie & her Little~ Alyssa

My  Girls~ Annie & Emily
I am glad my daughter's chose to join Sororities. It would have been nice if they had chosen the same, however the ones they chose are great fits for them both. Emily is a Chi Omega. And Annie is a Delta Zeta. They may not be sorority sisters, but they will always be Real Sisters. I am so proud of them both!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

♥Tree Vomit ♥

This is all over my back yard.
It's all over the state of Indiana.
Our state is wonderful watercolors.
Makes you wish you were here doesn't it?

♥I love it♥

{ps...sorry for the odd title but it was the first thing that popped out of my head & I liked it.}

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Back In Heels!!!!

Finally, I can wear heels again! It was a struggle, and pain was involved. BUT I could walk in them!  This is huge. I love heels! They give shape to my legs. Make me feel pretty. Make me feel like a woman!

Yes, I realize torn ligaments need time to heal.  But, two months is a long time to wear "practical" shoes. I even wore the damn brace Sunday during a 5 mile walk with Annie & her sorority. So I was ready, ready to take a bullet. I just prayed not to fall down.

Sergio & I had a big To Do last night. It was glamorous and fun to dress up. I picked up these little pretties at the last minute. I figure, if I am gonna give it a go, why not with something I like? So FOUR inch Stilettos are now a part of my shoe family :)

{Special thanks to Hubby for taking a picture of my shoes with his cell phone!}

Loss & Gain

I haven't been around much. My writing has been "blocked".  Mostly a writers block.  I have the words (so many words) but felt unable to pour my heart out.
I feel censored.
I feel judged.
I feel a loss.

I can't really explain.  It is mostly emotional, but also I felt that no one would want to hear or understand my gibberish.  Have you ever felt that way?

Nothing is wrong, yet everything is wrong.

It's a new day, but, it's a NEW day.

See? I was afraid I might not make sense.

I also have been busy. We bloggers try to make time to write more often. I was doing well to write every couple days for a while. But then, with work, home & life... we get busy.

I have been sick too. nothing serious. Just a nasty cold.  My stupid ankle is still jacked up and tonight I will don heels (4 inch stilettos) for a Cocktail Party we will attend. now, I haven't worn heels for two months because of this injured ankle, but tonight I will push the envelope. I mean seriously, Who can wear a cocktail dress without great high heels?

I have been on a job Merry Go Round. I was offered a transfer, (which I gladly accepted) but it got delayed. Then it was denied. I was so looking forward to starting in this department. But, the hammer came down. As of two weeks from now, all contractors, will have completed the "projects". We all got the, "Thank you for your service, we won't be needing you anymore as of 10/29."  We knew it was only a matter of time. When a company puts a job freeze on positions and only hires "contracted employees" you know it's all about saving the company money. And they can cut you loose at any time.

Lots of stuff happening.

I gotta get my mojo going.

I need to write~ it's so comforting.

I have so many pieces that need to be finished, and so many thoughts cramped up in my crazy little head.

Be gentle with me... I am going to try to get back in the grove.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Word World

(Try saying that fast three times!)

Amazing how a little word can change so many things. One fundamental word, can change a spirit, a mood, a life.

I love words.  I never can get enough adjectives .  I love searching for words and learning meanings of new words.

A simple word.

It can make or break you. They do me.

I try hard to use kind words to people every day. Family, Friends, and even Strangers.  It is contagious.  Try it.

That rude waitress or sales clerk, say something nice. Simple smile even. Let the rudeness role off, and you may change that person's manner.  Maybe not, but it is worth the effort.

Or, be cruel. Say one unkind thing, and watch sadness or discomfort arrive. Again, a person's manner will change.

You decide.

I guarantee the first choice will be the right choice.