Wednesday, May 26, 2010

"Cross Check & Call Forward"

That is one of my Besties favorite sayings. Too her that means, 'vacation time has begun".

Today, my Husband got to hear those words.

He boarded a plane with one of his "Besties" and headed for a vacation. A well earned vacation. A first in many years. His last "fun time" trip was five years, and even that was a family trip. The last "guy trip" has to have been more than seven years ago for a ski trip. This will be an adventure that I hope will give him some wonderful memories and stories to tell.

He and this Bestie have traveled these parts together before... some 30 years ago, when they were about the same age as their children are today.

Sergio's Bestie, Brian, and he have truly been friends forever. They are brothers even though not by blood. They have been there for each other through thick and thin. Seen each other through good and bad. And enjoyed their friendship along the way.

Today, Sergio packed up his gear, and together with Brian, B's son & son's friend, and headed out West to Arizona. A "roughing it trip". Tents, backpacks and all.
{Ew.. so glad he has a buddy to do this with!}

I know they are tough guys. But where they are going... out in what we call virgin territory. No people, no communications (even with cells..I would freak!), they are really roughing it in my opinion.
Oh yeah, and lets not to forget, "The Mountain Lions, Black Bears, & Bobcats! Oh My!" The Scorpions and snakes are also plentiful. How lovely indeed.

On a positive note, his Bestie, Brian, is also his Doctor. That makes me feel tons better. Brian knows my husband even better than me. I trust him to not allow Sergio to push himself. They have two 21 year old's to help them out, carry the heavy stuff, and listen to a couple of old men talk about the good ole days!

One more thought: As you know, Arizona has been in the news much about the new Illegal Alien Law. The importance of having "proof of citizenship". It has been targeted at the Hispanics. As most of you know, Sergio is Mexican. Born in Monterrey, and came here at a few weeks. (His parents and siblings were already living in Detroit, however, his Mother traveled back to have her children born in Monterrey )how ironic that so many people travel to American just to HAVE their babies born here today). He has been a citizen since he was 18. ANYWAY~ He has been waiting for his Passport to be renewed. It should arrive any day... it did not arrive yet. He was slightly panicking looking for his citizenship papers the other evening. I don't believe they were found {I am ashamed to say, some things were not unpacked when we moved in September, and some things are misplaced}. I am hoping that in a few days, my tired ragged husband with his scruffy beard, dirty sunburned body and his equally tired rugged friend, don't look suspicious with a couple of young men out in the middle of nowhere! IT could be a different point of view for a different person! Let's hope I don't get a call that they have been "DETAINED". LOL

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Blooming Purples

I have anxiously been waiting to see what colors my Iris' were going to be. For some reason, my yard seems to be the last to bloom. I guess it is the positioning and the amount of sun mine get. When we bought this house it was Fall, so I have enjoyed the Spring surprises and the colors and scents of our yard.
The side Iris' are mostly the Burgundy, with some Purples, and some Whites. (Sorry no pics of them). My favorites aren't in my yard but the neighbors. He has some lovely Purple & Whites, and an exquisite Purple and Black that I absolutely love!
My neighbor, Larry, has moved. The house sits empty and is not For Sale yet. He is a sweetie, and doesn't mind when I have helped myself to a few. Especially when they get so heavy and lay on the ground. So I go over and snip a few. I also do this with his Peonies which are also so very lovely indeed!
I get to thin out his plants and anxious about transplanting some into my gardens. I am not sure about when to do this (I don't think it's a good ideal when they are in bloom... I have done this before but in March when they are still stalks). My Dear Sister-In-Law has also offered some of hers, as they have taken over her beds.
Larry also has (as many of the neighbors do) a couple of gorgeous Miniature Iris groupings. Oh My Gosh! These are so pretty! I had some at the old house along with my traditional Iris'. They are so dainty and pretty. Because they are small, they don't bend down to the ground from the weight of the flowers the way the traditional ones do.
It is a beautiful day. The sun is shining, a cool breeze. Birds are chirping and the yard is calling me. I am waiting for the U-Verse (cable guy) to get here. I have a four hour window and we are just hitting the second hour. I hope he remembers to call ahead so I can put my Man Eating Dogs away. I love the quiet times in the morning when I am the only one up (well, Annie is up but has already left for work). I am going to enjoy this day. I hope you do too.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Celebrating Motherhood...a little differently

Mother's Day.
It's here again.
I have already seen my Facebook friends bombard the site with well wishes, as well as the "I am so lucky". There are the, "repost this if's".. and the, "Flowers to you's". Everyone is giddy with, "Awe, my family loves me so much".
Oxygen Channel, W Channel, Hallmark Channel as well as some others have dedicated the airways to the sappy touchy tearful movies, which I love and yes, I am watching one now as I write. {there is this queer little "countdown to Mothers Day! 1 Day left!", in the left corner of my TV.}
Commercials about what Mom wants. Advertisements about where to take Mom. Oh... and don't forget the flowers!
blah blah blah.
Please don't get me wrong.
I LOVE my family.
I have Awesome Daughters and a Fabulous Husband.
I love my Mother. And the dozen or so other women that helped mode me into who I am.
What I hate is all this hype. All this commercialization. All the bragging. All the expectations.
I don't have expectations for tomorrow to be "my day". I won't be getting breakfast in bed. The family won't be taking me to church. We won't be going to dinner, nor will it be fixed for me. I most likely won't get gifts, flowers, or cards. Well maybe cards. My girls are both out for the evening and will not be home till tomorrow. My Hubby is exhausted from a business trip.
I am not even going to see my Mom tomorrow. I will call her, and send a late card ( I am bad). She lives out of town, and has made some plans as well with her friend.
My plans are to visit my Aunt Nancy in the Nursing Home, come home and do the usual . (Maybe I will be in a nicer mood and Blog about all the women I love and are thankful for.)
I am sorry if I seem grumpy or out of sorts. Holidays (especial the guilt ones) always make me edgy. I guess, I too, really wish for the Fairy Tales. Maybe I am a tiny bit jealous. I wonder what it is like to be treated like Queen for the day. I wish I was closer to my own Mom and gave her the Queen for the day treatment (I certainly tried when I was young).
To all my Mom friends, regardless to if you are a biological Mom, a Sister, an Aunt or a Friend. I wish for you the kind of day you want.
For me, I will give thanks for the opportunity to be Emily & Annie's Mom. I will give thanks for others that I may have mothered in some way. I will give thanks for my Mom, Aunts, Sister, Grandmothers, Cousins, and the friends that have touched my lives, and have been here for me.
Love to you all~

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Slow & Steady...

Do you remember Aesop's fable of the Tortoise and the Hare? The little Tortoise ended up beating the Hare by going "slow and steady", while the Hare, was so full of himself, after all he was the fast Hare, while the Tortoise was, well, the slow Tortoise. The Hare goofed off, ran about, and sure enough, lose the race to the Tortoise that kept on task, slowly but surely winning.
Life can imitate this. How many times do we see it happen?

I chuckle every time I see this sign. Yep, it's a real speed sign. There are several around the Senior Community that my Aunt Nancy is living in.

It reminds me also of my Bestie Sheri's Mom. When we were young she told us, "Don't cross the street unless you are sure you have enough time to fall down & pick yourself back up!" I am 47 yrs old & I still think of this...every time I cross a street. And I work Downtown & cross streets (Busy ones) every day. I drive my co-workers crazy with it.

I know the speed sign is to remind us that we are in a neighborhood full of Oldies, and we really need to slow down and pay attention. The Oldies are everywhere here. But it also reminds me to do this with life in general. Slow down. Life is more enjoyable when we approach it slowly and steady, then trying to race through with too much on our plates to really appreciate what we have.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Black Eyed Peas - I Gotta Feeling - ASL Song

This is awesome! My Friend Cindy posted it on Facebook & I loved it. Hope you do too!