Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Babies aren't so Little Anymore

Here is a recent picture of my babies.  They had Winter Formals with their Sororities. Annie, on the left is 20 years old and Emily, on the right will be 22 in a couple of weeks.
Here is how I still see them though.
I know they are growing up... but sometimes I still think they are my Babies.

I remember first little boys that were important to them.

Here is Emily in Kindergarten with her friend Warren.

Here she is now,a Senior in college with her boyfriend Derek.

Here is the Baby Annie, with Chase, she's about 5 years old...

Fifteen years later with Nathan. She is his Baby now.  They had been dating for close to five years.
Where did the time fly? It seems only yesterday... And now, today, it flew so quickly.
Do you ever feel that way? Poof! Just like that.


lakeviewer said...

Oh yes! You are doing well, though, with both girls leaving the nest so close to each other. They grow and grow, and life goes on.

Julie Harward said...

What gorgeous girls you have, and they look like they have been friends forever! Cool about the guy too! ;D

Ziongirl said...

Tis the circle of life! But dang....I sure do miss my girls being little!

JC said...

Your two look happy which is what we all wish for our kids ...


Good grief, they are adorable and not babies at all. Just at that age when your worry level reaches its peak.
Blessings and enjoy while they are around. They grow up too fast.

Fire Byrd said...

They are without doubt beautiful babies however old they are!
I understand that cause both my babies, 25 and 19 have both got lovely girlfriends and are great young men.