Sunday, October 24, 2010

10 Things I have Learned About the Girls

This is a list of TEN THINGS I have learned about my daughters that I have observed over this past weekend. Having to do with them being college students mostly.

1.My college student daughters need naps. I think this is to compensate the late hours they keep.
2. Sororities cost a lot to keep the sisters dressed in the hundred or so Greek T-Shirts they don with varies "events" that they have participated in.
3. My daughters still wear the same cheer shorts they worn in Junior High.
4.The laundry consist of a lot of crazy socks. I wonder if they will be like a Grandma always in mismatched socks.
5. Emily's cat will always love her most.
6. They have healthier eating habits than I.
7. At wine tastings, my oldest doesn't "sip", rather "gulps" her samples.
8. My oldest daughter can out drink me.
9. My youngest daughter can "probably" out drink me.  
10. They will always love their Father & I.

Just one of those moments.
I sat here and thought,hmmmmm.


lakeviewer said...

They're growing up and costing more!

Mark Pressley said...

I am a gulper!

Anonymous said...

those glasses were impossible to sip from! - em

willow said...

My youngest is cramming four years of college into six. I've had kids in college for twelve years now. Enough already!