Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Weight of It's Presences

I can't sleep.
I am haunted this evening.
I saw a Ghost today. The weight of it's presence is with me.
It approached me... wanting something it thought I had.
But it is this Ghost that has something of mine. Not the other way around.

It stole from me, without even knowing, or maybe not caring...

I wish I never saw it's face. I knew it was out there, and preferred not knowing it's face, it's voice, it's nature. I felt cornered. I performed well, never giving it pleasure. It didn't realize it fazed me at all.
How strong I am, or so it seemed.

Good show, jolly good.

But now, the hours pass. My hubby is out of town far from protecting me. I am laying here awake, thinking of this ghost...

I am strong. Stronger than any ole' ghost. Wretched things.

This isn't a very old Ghost. I haven't known it long. Just long enough.

So I lie in bed. Thoughts dancing across my head. I know I need to sleep. I have a busy day at work tomorrow starting early in a few hours.

Time for me to carry on. I tricked this Ghost, so I need to relax. If it shows again, I will be ready, for now I know what it looks like.

It made me stronger.. not weaker.


Linda said...

This is a beautifully-written piece, Janis.

Ziongirl said...

Beautiful! I have spirits that visit me all the time and I have gotten use to it. I seldom have anyone who is not a sweet spirit. I do alot of temple work for my religion and they know that I am the one that will get the message! I know that probably sounds weird but it's true and I have come to accept it over the years!