Thursday, August 26, 2010

Help, I've Fallen...again

I hate to admit it, but maybe it's time for me to get one of these! The advertisement says, "every senior, over 50 should have one". I am two years away from that age, maybe I should get a jump start. My Mother In Law wears one. Even though I have a spouse, ("who are you going to call if you have fallen and can't get up?") he doesn't always see, let alone hear me, when I have fallen. Sometimes, I think he wishes he didn't just see me fall down, again.

Once I was getting an award for being a great Girl Scout Leader. I stood up took one step and my ankle completely gave out. Down I fell spread eagle to all the troops, parents, and staff. (My troop still loved me).
Once, wearing Harley Davidson boots, I got off our bike, took a few steps, then BAM, hit the ground. No alcohol involved.
I have fallen many times in heels.
Many many many dog walks I have tumbled.
I have fallen walking in to work... three times within one year.
I broke my foot last year falling... in my closet.

Sometimes I trip, sometimes I misstep, usually, my ankle just gives.

A week ago Thursday, I took a tough fall. I had two dogs on leashes, one running free. I was navigating them back to the back yard when I twisted my ankle in a low spot between yards. I heard three snaps and thought for sure my foot had broken off completely. Sergio was in the house, as was my cell, he couldn't hear me nor would I scream. My loving concerned pups got me up and back in the house (sometimes it's really good to have a hundred and fifteen pound strong dog). Oh, BTW, foot was still attached, and amazingly only sprained.
By Tuesday, I was tired of the ankle wrap thing, ice packs and decided enough time. I'm all better. Against my smarter loved ones advice, I freed myself & willed myself well. I had things to do, places to go, and that ugly lace up brace was holding me back...
Until the following Thursday, when I tried to cross a busy intersection downtown Indy during rush hour, and my ankle gave way 3/4ths the way across the street. Now, a car stopped, instead of running me over, but other than that, NO ONE HELPED ME. I fell so hard my finger on the hand that broke my fall, was bleeding. I had road marks on my hip, and shoulder from my "tumble". NO ONE HELPED ME. I mean, really? I pulled myself to the curb, picked myself up, and tears running, I just leaned against a stand, as the dozen or so people continued to cross, walk & stare. Grant it, I may look like a crazy woman, and a few F Bombs probably rolled off my tongue as I took flight. BUT NO ONE HELPED ME! I think I am more disturbed by the lack of kindness than the embarrassment of falling or pain endured yet again.

Of course I have done more damage by re-injuring it. It looks as though the ligament is torn. Now it is swollen on both sides. And now I get to wear a lovely stirrup ankle brace with air bladders. {I am so cool! I know!} I am pretty sure I have an ankle that "gives away". I probably got hurt a long time ago , didn't allow it to heal and now, I am paying the consequences.

It kind of sucks.


JC said...

Have you ever gotten it x rayed to see what's going on ?

I fell a lot in my late 20's and the last time was told that it would break for sure the next time.

I fall a lot too but so far it hasn't.

My D was a ballet dancer and her ankles are a mess. She's fallen three times and the last one, she broke the top of her foot in two places.

Take care and I know what that brace thingy looks like. Got one in the storage area ... keeping it just in case.

janis said...

Oh I know. I am wearing the dang thing now. I will till it heals (or try). I know I need to get it x-rayed... Not at the top of my financial priority list though. When I broke my left foot, I waited 7 months before getting it x-rayed and examined. The Doc was like, yeap, you broke it.. not much I can do now, you should have come in when it happened.
My Annie has damaged ankles from Cheering. Emily got lucky and is "tougher". She cheered longer but must have stronger bones & cartridge.

Mark Pressley said...

Ankle sprains are nasty and seem to last forever. Nancy and Hank have them.

ellen abbott said...

I can't believe no one helped you. Well, actually, I take that back. I CAN believe no one helped you. What has happened to us (as in people) that we cannot be bothered to help a stranger out of a dangerous situation? I think living in large groups like cities is bad for us. It strips us of out humanity.

A human kind of human said...

I have a husband and a daughter with the same problem. Their ankles just give out at the most unexpected moments. You will not like my only advice to you but I am giving it anyway: Rest your ankle and it give it lots and lots of time to heal! As for nobody helping you, I think that sucks! What were they thinking?

Anonymous said...

I figured out recently over my 22+ year marriage to my lovely bride, she falls down stairs an average of about once every two years. She is no longer permitted to navigate stairs with out at least one hand free, holding the rail, and she must watch where her feet go on every step. Your issue sound different, but I can attest to how much harder it is to recover from such mishaps...