Friday, July 30, 2010

WD 40 to the Rescue!

A while back got one of those forward emails that had "good to know" stuff about WD 40. I read it enjoyed it then forwarded it. Last week I managed to get tar (from walking on hot black top) on my shoe and transferred it not to one pair of slacks but two because I am one of those women that sit on my feet in the office. (I must think I am still in kindergarten! I remember learning to sit "Indiana Style as it was called back in the 60's, thinking this is pretty cool & comfy and sticking to it for 40+ years).

Oops, where was I going with this? Oh yeah... WD 40! So anyway, I was very mad at myself for ruining two pairs of pants within a week. One pair were tan dress slacks, the other my favorite white carpi's! How am I gonna get BLACK TAR off without making it worse? Then I remembered the email! But... I didn't save it. I remembered something about taking tar off fabric so, off to I went. Although I did not find the exact email, I got more than I bargained for. I found on wd40's official website a humongous list of things WD 40 takes care of. Too many to list here, but I can give you the link. {well, I am trying but not sure if it's working...grr!) Just go to
My pants look good as new! I was so afraid of an oily spot from the WD40 but, they look PERFECT! Make sure you check this out and get some WD40 for your cupboard!
Did you know that the key ingredient is fish oil? Go figure?

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Lori ann said...

Thats interesting. I thought it was kind of toxic.

So glad you rescued your pants though! yay!