Thursday, July 22, 2010

Please and Thank You

Yesterday, my oldest daughter and I had a conversation about children and manners. Or should I say, the lack of manners in children. Emily has been employed as a Nanny this summer. The children in her care are 3 and 4 years old. She has made some observations with them, as well as in play groups. We also discussed some of the elementary aged children she has worked with through school and children in general. Grant it, some of the children we discussed are young, however, a child is never too young to start learning. If they are old enough to "demand" then they are old enough to ask "please"and how and say "thank you".

It seems to me, this is the most formative time to show by example as well as expectations to achieve anything. If a child has this type of foundation, the manners will come naturally.

I'm going to brag alittle now. My girls were "known" for their manners and for being well behaved. They were welcomed everywhere. Oldies loved them. At restaurants, church, or shopping, we were complimented constantly. How did we do it? How didn't we?

I am applaud at the lack of manners today. It is no wonder, with all the gimme people, expecting things, demanding things, and shame on us, for allowing it.

I hate going into a restaurant and having my server give lame excuses for poor service, no apologize just excuses.

I hate hearing a child scream, demand or grab something without asking.

I hate rudeness.

How about the lady I got to hear today, screaming into her phone to I am guessing her boyfriend/ husband/ baby daddy, "I ain't got no M*F* takin' care of my *ss" You hear me M*F*?" Or the other one screaming, "No I don't! I only owe you hunna-ninety, that don't add up ta no Two Hunna, no it sure don't!". Both these women were across the street from me, traffic flowing, downtown humming, and I have bad hearing, but I could still hear every dreadful word, mispronounced and at the top of their lungs.

How about the cutting in front of me, stepping back on me, or coughing at me as they walk by?
Or the person in line in front of me that wants to tell me TMI and is spitting on me as they talk?

I hate when people talk with food in their mouths.

I hate when people talk loudly on their cell phones when I am trying to enjoy the peace.

I hate it when people slurp, pop, or make any unnecessary noises in public.

And as my friends can testify, I absolutely hate for people to clip their nails, pick their teeth or clean their nose in public; for goodness sake, please use the restroom!

I may not be Emily Post, but my Momma taught me how to be polite, and to remember my manners. We always say please, thank you, hold doors for others, let someone step in front of us, serve others before ourselves, and offer up our help. I may be late with my written "thank yous" but, they do get out eventually. {And I feel terrible till they get out!}

Let me end with this little quote from our wonderful Emily Post:

Words To Live By~
"Manners are a sensitive awareness of the feelings of others. If you have that awareness, you have good manners, no matter what fork you use." ~ Emily Post


A human kind of human said...

You are so lucky you do not live in Africa! Many of the things you mention is commonplace over here... add to that spitting in public and urinating along the road in full view of passing traffic, and you have rural Africa down to a T.

janis said...

Oh My! Maybe South Africa is NOT a place for me to visit! I remember when we went to Disney World during January one year. There was a Holiday for European travelers and I found they had different accepting ways. I also was very upset with one foreginer (I did not know nationality, or understand their language), anyway, the little boy appearately had to go potty. After a discussion with his father holding him, the father adjusted the boy to face outward and the boy pulled himself out and urinated right there... on me as I was a bit too close! I was appauld! His family just laughed!