Saturday, May 8, 2010

Celebrating Motherhood...a little differently

Mother's Day.
It's here again.
I have already seen my Facebook friends bombard the site with well wishes, as well as the "I am so lucky". There are the, "repost this if's".. and the, "Flowers to you's". Everyone is giddy with, "Awe, my family loves me so much".
Oxygen Channel, W Channel, Hallmark Channel as well as some others have dedicated the airways to the sappy touchy tearful movies, which I love and yes, I am watching one now as I write. {there is this queer little "countdown to Mothers Day! 1 Day left!", in the left corner of my TV.}
Commercials about what Mom wants. Advertisements about where to take Mom. Oh... and don't forget the flowers!
blah blah blah.
Please don't get me wrong.
I LOVE my family.
I have Awesome Daughters and a Fabulous Husband.
I love my Mother. And the dozen or so other women that helped mode me into who I am.
What I hate is all this hype. All this commercialization. All the bragging. All the expectations.
I don't have expectations for tomorrow to be "my day". I won't be getting breakfast in bed. The family won't be taking me to church. We won't be going to dinner, nor will it be fixed for me. I most likely won't get gifts, flowers, or cards. Well maybe cards. My girls are both out for the evening and will not be home till tomorrow. My Hubby is exhausted from a business trip.
I am not even going to see my Mom tomorrow. I will call her, and send a late card ( I am bad). She lives out of town, and has made some plans as well with her friend.
My plans are to visit my Aunt Nancy in the Nursing Home, come home and do the usual . (Maybe I will be in a nicer mood and Blog about all the women I love and are thankful for.)
I am sorry if I seem grumpy or out of sorts. Holidays (especial the guilt ones) always make me edgy. I guess, I too, really wish for the Fairy Tales. Maybe I am a tiny bit jealous. I wonder what it is like to be treated like Queen for the day. I wish I was closer to my own Mom and gave her the Queen for the day treatment (I certainly tried when I was young).
To all my Mom friends, regardless to if you are a biological Mom, a Sister, an Aunt or a Friend. I wish for you the kind of day you want.
For me, I will give thanks for the opportunity to be Emily & Annie's Mom. I will give thanks for others that I may have mothered in some way. I will give thanks for my Mom, Aunts, Sister, Grandmothers, Cousins, and the friends that have touched my lives, and have been here for me.
Love to you all~


Lori ann said...

happy mother's day sweet janis.

your right, it's all in the expectations, which usually cause disappointment.

i learned that my children love me everyday and show it in their own way when they are inspired. by their love, not by the calendar.

do something special for yourself, you so deserve it!


Mark Pressley said...

As you have seen we really don’t over do holiday here either. I bought Nancy a card, a candy bar and Michael Jackson’s This is it cd. I will kiss her on the cheek and tell her I love her, who knows what the boys will do and tonight we are celebrating Kait’s graduation.

The holidays are for the merchants, I do not remember the holiday a few years ago but Nancy made a comment about how someone we knew was celebrating and my comment was simple they our going over board to prove a point that isn’t really true. I knew how they behaved the rest of the year NOT LIKE A FAMILY THAT REALLY LOVES EACH OTHER. You like me and some others have something real I don’t need Hallmark to tell me how I should act I act the way I do because I love my family just as yours loves you.

Happy Moms Day Janis
Enjoy the Love you will receive its all that counts

lakeviewer said...

Happy Day, Janet.

janis said...

ps.. An Update.
Okay, I had a lovely visit with my Aunt. Came home to pancakes & muffins the girls made me. I got a beautiful card from them and a gift card from a favorite store. Then my Angels (Hubby included) spent the day with me, fixed me a yummy dinner, and hung out with me. Annie even walked the dogs with me (which is quite an experience w/ the three of them!). Anyway, we are watching another sappy movie so I must go. I apologize for my grumpiness yesterday, but I still hate the hype with the Hallmark Holidays. Mark is correct in his comment. I don't need a "day" I have the way they are the whole year, loving me and caring for me! xoxo

Anonymous said...

you did get a card, you did get a gift, you got breakfast when you got home made for you, you did get dinner made for you... without you even asking.

JC said...

I don't like Holidays. They make it into 'a must do' day when in general it's just another day.

We just worked in the yard. Nothing special at all.

My son was actually a nasty teenager all day long.

My d did send me flowers on Friday. My H well he didn't do a thing except work in the yard.

My Mom is long gone and if she was here I'd have gotten her a few flowers for her yard.

Linda said...

What I love about you Janis, is your refreshing honesty!! I appreciate that so much. ♥

You know that I am the opposite when it comes to making a big deal about every holiday and all the celebrations in between. I'm a Martha after all. Yet, inside, I too share much of your sentiment. That's why I shared a status the day before Mother's Day on FB, that it's not unlike any other day - when it comes to the daily responsibilities that go on regardless of the day.

My husband did want to make breakfast in bed for me, but I got up before he could. After all, I had things to do, and it's totally unlike me to just sit around waiting for people to wait on me. I'm not even comfortable with that.

So, instead - as you'll see on FB and my blog, I went about doing what I like doing - which is preparing a nice day for everyone, including me. :)

Hope you have a wonderful week and it's great that your daughters are home now.