Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sugar Doll? Me?

My Blogger Buddy Bridgette sent me this "The Fabulous Sugar Doll Blogger Award". Awe! Really Bridgette? Thank you sooo much! You are the Sugar Doll but I love that you sent this to me!
Bridgette has a lovely blog here:
Life's a Beach
She is a breath of fresh air! A young perspective. An adorable fun girl. I love reading here blog. I hope you will too.

Play time! Ten things about me? Okay, let me try:

1. I never have enough time in the day to get things accomplished that I intend.
2. Disappointing others is a big fear of mine.
3. Once upon a time I was "double jointed"
4. Both my daughters are left handed and I suspect I would be too if I I did not learn to write in the 60's, when teachers forced us to use our right hand.
5. I am in the process of forming a Bunco Group of friends.
6. I strongly believe in Paying it Forward.
7. I don't do astronomy, psychic readings or any of this nature since becoming a Catholic.
8. I believe all animals have feelings and thoughts.
9. I think you should always give respect even before receiving it.
10. I rarely think I am good enough, smart enough or liked enough. (I have self-esteem issues).

Passing this award along. Gosh, I don't want to stalk my favorites, I just passed another on to a few Blogger friends. Bridgette deserves this but she already got it. Hmm, Let me think..sorry for the repeating but some are such Dolls I can't resist!

1. Brooke at She is the sweeties doll I have met in Blogland, gotta send it her way.

2. Mandy at She too is wonderful and I have enjoyed her blog for quite a while.

3. Lori at She is just amazing and inspiring! We all love her writings.

4. Rosaria at She is one of the best composed writers I have read. she has a lovely way of sharing her wisdom, her life stories, and wit. She is encouraging and uplifting. I am grateful to have found her.

5. Anne from My fairly new friend from South Africa who inspires me and educates me too.

6. Linda at One of my original top fives. Linda reminds me of how alike we are yet enough difference to make her interesting and intriguing.

Oh I could go on and on. I love all my blogger friends and am grateful that they entertain me, encourage me, educate me, and love me!


Bridgette said...

Aww Janis you are so sweet. :) Thank you for the kind words, and I promise I will try to blog more. Just send me a message on FaceBook that says "Get off FB and go blog!" Hahaha

Linda said...

Thank you, Janis!! ♥ How sweet and caring of you to mention me in such a manner and to pass the award along. I'll try to get to this soon - it's a busy week, we're leaving for Florida in a matter of days.

Hope the remainder of your March is equally blessed.

Lori ann said...

OH! thank you! i am excited to recieve this. Congratulations to you too Janis, you are a Sugar Doll for sure. And i am so glad to know you!

lakeviewer said...

Janis, thanks for thinking of me! What a lovely sentiment!
I will treasure this, coming as it does after the Health Care Bill! Yeah!

lakeviewer said...

Janis, you are the original Sugar Doll!

Bridgette said...

I have a virtual Easter basket waiting for you at my blog. :)

Fire Byrd said...

What a sweetiepie to think of me dear Janis. Thank you so much.
I am touched.