Saturday, March 6, 2010


Aren't they beautiful? Fresh cut flowers always make me feel so good. These Roses were inexpensive (25 for $19.) at Sams. The have lasted a week and are just so darn lovely!
I am in to white lately. So simple, yet so elegant and stately.


A human kind of human said...

I wonder what they smell like. Someone told me the other day that red roses have the strongest fragrance of all the roses. Wonder if it is true.

I love it to walk into a house and smell roses. I guess it is from the time when my sister-in-law had roses in her garden and she would always have a couple of vases filled with roses in the house. I enjoyed visiting her and I suppose the smell of roses will always bring memories of our times together.

janis said...

Maybe thats why I am favoring the whtes... These have a very faint scent. You have to get up next to them to really smell them. I am not a big fan of flowery scents, but love to see feel flowers. Red roses smell like a memory of old people to me. Yellows were my favoites, until recently. The whites filled in my fishbowl vase & clear marbles to hold are just so elegant to me.

Anonymous said...

I DO THAT! And I never put a fresh bar of soap in the shower when I use it to its end, some things can not be mastered these two are just a few of mine just ask Nancy has I receive the same lectures for the past twenty four years. The funny part is she believes that I actually listen to these speeches.

Lily Allen nice selection! I have a friend at Universal that signed her she is a fun girl.

White Roses: Aphrodite at one point runs to help her wounded boyfriend Adonis and cuts her self on the thorns of a white rose bush. Her blood falling on the bush turns the roses red, symbolizing the way innocence and purity change to experience and motherhood.

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