Friday, March 12, 2010

Beautiful Blogger!

JC from Lilacs & Cats, sent me this award! Yay Me! This one is soooo pretty. I am happy ! Thank you JC! I have been down and this certainly brightened my day.

JC is amazing. She is dedicated to Animal Rights, Animal Rescue, Shelter Animals... She is one of my heroes and she gets the word out. No wonder her blog followers have grown so. She is awesome and I am so glad that I found her . She takes fabulous photos of her fur balls and tells great tales of them.

Please go check her out. Also click on to her many links to help our furry friends in need!

I want to pass this Award on as well, so here goes. (In no particular order).

#1. Pam from Scotty's Place, . I love her! Love her blog! She makes me laugh all the time. I get giddy when she writes. I know I will either laugh at her humor, be hungry after hearing her cooking tales, or be envious from her crochet abilities.

#2. Brooke from Brookie's Cookie Jar, Love her too! If we lived closer I would stalk her till she'd hang out with me! lol...jk. Brooke & I have enough in common that we have become good blogger friends. I find her inspiring and enchanting. She loves life and sprinkles happiness wherever she goes. She is Blessed to have wonderful family and she takes her bloggers on wonderful photo journeys on her trips.

#3. Speaking of trips.. Lori from Lori Times Five, Incredible journeys into amazing places. Lori has a wonderful way of putting her story into words and photos. I have been following her seen earlier days (before she became famous!) she is always so sweet to me.

#4. My fabulous friend Reya from According to the Cosmology of Reya, (formerly known as The Gold Puppy) @ Reya is also one of my popular friends (teehee). She still comes back to me & always gives me the best comments and praises. This woman has an amazing eye for art and her photography is marvellous!

Oh there are many others... But I am going to keep this to a minimum for now.

Love you all and thank you, thank you Ms JC!


JC said...

I thought of you right away. When you post, I'm always curious as to what's going on in your world ...
Now to go check out your picks ..

Reya Mellicker said...

You are so right about JC and Lori and all the rest. As for myself, well, THANK YOU! I am truly honored, Janis.

Ziongirl said...

You are so inspiring! I am so blessed to be able to call you "my friend". I have been to Reya's blog and love it. I need to add her to my favorites! and will check out JC today. Blessings!!

Bridgette said...

Visit my blog, I have something for you. :)