Saturday, January 30, 2010

Pack Up

I finally got my Christmas present from Sergio & the girls!
I was told about it and nervously anticipated it's arrival home.
A few years ago, they bought me this Nancy Noel print tittled "Pack Up". It is one of my favorites of her work. Although I owned the print, I had not gotten it framed. I had mixed feelings about what kind of framing and where I would proudly display it.
I have admired Ms Noel's work for years. I am blessed to own a few of her prints (an original is but a dream). I favor her animal prints but love her Amish, Angels, and African works as well. (Hmm~ I never noticed they all start with A).
When the girls were quite small we met her and she signed my daughters shirt (Emily just happen to be wearing a T-shirt with a piece she did for our Zoo). I found her charming. I dreamed that one day, like Jane Seymor, I would have her paint my daughters (until I realized the cost). My girls later took me to a lovely Gallery that Nancy opened in nearby Zionsville. It is a fabulous church that she converted into a Gallery. It is THE place to see her work and grab a bite and tea in the cafe.

I had wanted something very different than what Sergio chose, so I was very nervous about how it would turn out. I can't believe how perfect it looks! He did very good! I would not have chosen this type of frame & thought I knew exactly what I wanted, but, my dear husband took a gamble and, well, he did GOOD! I absolutely LOVE it!
"Pack Up" is of my Riley Girl's breed. Nancy Noel has captured my Riley's expressions in four of the dogs. It is a limited edition, so I know, few are out there. Also, with our recent scare of losing Riley, having this print means even more to me.

I was very surprised that Sergio & the girls did this for me. Pack Up has been rolled up in it's protective tube for about 4 years waiting on me to get it framed!

I can't stop starring at it! Isn't it beautiful?


A human kind of human said...

What a wonderful give. I always feel that owning a piece of art is like owning a piece of the artist's soul. My youngest daughter gave me an original painting for my birthday two years ago and it is on of my personal treasures. The fact that the artist is a personal friend just doubles its value in my eyes.

Linda said...

Beautiful and thoughtful!!! :)

Fire Byrd said...

It's always wonderful when a present that everyone has thought and wanted to be successful works.

BTW Janis I don't know whether your interested but I've opened a new social network which might appeal to you. Check it out on the badge on the top of my sidebar. i'd love to see you there.