Saturday, October 31, 2009

Just a Little More Halloween Stuff!

I couldn't resist! It turned into a beautiful day and I had to take these shots of this years Halloween Fun! We are ready for our Spooky Trick or Treaters now!

Happy Halloween

It's Halloween! Living at the new house, and not sure what to expect with trick or treaters, I must go get plenty of goodies for our little goblins. (This picture of the ghost was taken last year, I have them up here at this home too but no picture~ it's been crappy weather!).
Anyway, no plans for Sergio & I. No parties, no kids about. The girls, I am sure have plenty of plans and parties to go to up in Muncie. They have already been enjoying the season and shared some photos. They will have several costomes for this years halloween parties. Times have changed! Costumes have certainly changed! Scary is out~Sexy is in. I typically stuck with Funny. That was always safe!
Speaking of safe, I hope you all have a safe Halloween. If you have little ones, hope they have fun.
Well, I best be going for some candy...

Thursday, October 29, 2009

One More of Annie

I just opened today's mail and got this proof from Annie's Sorority pictures. Try to ignore the word proof all over the picture! I had to share today because it is her day. Isn't she lovely?

Happy Birthday My Pooh Bear!

My Baby turns 19 today. 19! Oh please tell me where did the time fly?

This is the first birthday I do not get to be with her. She is up at school, and has a full agenda all week. Which is good, and I am glad for her. Sad for me though. I got to hear her sweet voice, and I got several texts back & forth with her. But, not getting to see her today is hard.


We took her to dinner this past Sunday while she was in town. LOVED having her home (it was her first time since moving to the new house!). She tries hard to divide up her time, between us, Nathan, and her friends. I know I creeped her out a bit from staring and smiling at her so much. I just can't get enough of her lately.

As I have said so many times before, I am SO PROUD of her. She is truly amazing. But 19? Wasn't she was just my Baby Pooh Bear the other day?

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hot Legs

Once upon a time I had hot legs. My husband was crazy about my long lean legs. (I am 5'8 and my inseam is a 33). I like to think I lured Sergio with my mini skirts and heels. It was the eighties!
This photo was taken many years ago. Framed and sat at our bar for years. It was a gift for his 30th birthday. I was 25 and BP (before pregnancies). He loved it. But I will never forget, what he said:
"Honey, one day when you are old, you will be glad you had this made! You will look at this and remember, you use to have Hot Legs!"
It kind of pissed me off. What do you mean one day when I am old? And what makes you think I wont always have hot legs??
I am old now. I don't have hot legs anymore. They got fat, I have spider veins, and the are ugly now.
I saw this picture alittle bit earlier this evening. I remembered what he said. And I am glad I had the picture taken.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Birds

Remember this classic? Who could forget it. This movie changed how many of us saw birds. Alfred Hitchcock was an incredible story teller and this movie did him justice.

My oldest daughter HATES birds. She finds them extremely Creepy. One of the Besties does too. This is one of the things we know Emily inherited from Sheri. They would both be very content in a Bird Less World.

I love them. Not in a creepy way. (once when I taught Preschool a mother came in to her daughters parent-teacher conference with one of her birds. She kindof made out with it and was quite disturbing, I always worried about the daughter after seeing this bird freak). SORRY, I got sidetracked, ANYWAY, back to today. I have noticed that at our new home, because of all the trees, we have a bird friendly yard.

My cats love to sit and watch. Mischa has several spots to sit and watch. Her favorite spot is on the window seat in our bedroom. She thinks they can't see her and she crouches low and makes her little "I'm gonna get you" sound.

This morning we have a scene right out of Hitchcock's thriller "The Birds". There are hundreds of birds in the yard and trees. Maybe a birdie convention, I don't know. The dogs are barking and Mischa is in attack mode. I could not get a shot of the yard because: 1- they fly up when I get outside, 2- they are even creeping me out a bit and I am a bit scared.

I am just thankful Emily and Sheri are not her to witness this!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Lady-Bug, Lady-Bug, Fly Away Home

One of my trees is full of Lady-Bugs. Every day I see dozens of birds swooping in to have breakfast, lunch, then dinner. The tree is so full I get kindof freaked out to walk under it. I certainly know better then to look up with an open mouth. They favor this one tree, and stay off the others.

They are everywhere in Indianapolis lately. A seasonal thing. I excused myself yesterday as I offered to brush a couple off a woman's jacket. She grateful thanked me. They land in our hair, they fly into us and are quite a nuisance.

My sister, once had a home that they would get into through any nook or crack they could find. Being a old home, they would have success finding ways in. Sis, made the mistake of trying to kill them. Big mistake. They smell horrible when crushed. She'd have to vacuum them up and throw them out in bags.

When I was a little girl. I loved Lady-Bugs. I remember believing they brought us good luck when they landed on us. Same as a Butterfly. Funny how pretty bugs do not scare little girls.

I guess I should not complain. This is what is in my neighbors tree:

It is one big bad ass hornets nest. I couldn't believe my eyes walking the dog the other day. I made Sergio come with me the next day to show him and take this picture. We guess it to be about 18 inches tall and a good 12 inches round. Loaded with tons little nasty hornets. Yesterday, I stepped on one in the yard. He got inside my clog and got me three times. Two little stings then the big one with his sting token hanging out of my heel. Owe. (I'm okay, rather me than the dogs).
With the changing weather, these "bigs" are all dying off, and going into hibernation. Soon, like the leaves, they will be gone.

Back Home Again, in Indiana...

For all you non-Hoosiers, this is what you are missing in Indiana:

Our local Hardee's fast-food restaurants are now serving, Fried Bologna Biscuit sandwiches.
I had to eat my share of fried bologna when we were poor growing up. That was "the meat". That and SPAM. Oh, and of course, the dozen of recipes that you can make with hot dogs.
The last time I had Fried Bologna was in honor of an elderly dear southern friend that made it too often. She lived with one of my Besties, and the smell aways chased us away. However, when she passed away, I had to make it, and yes, eat it, as I know she would be smiling down upon me.
I drive past two Hardee's every day. Haven't had the urge to grab a Fried Bologna Biscuit yet. But it does makes me laugh. Makes me wonder if this is national. Can you get a Fried Bologna Biscuit?
Do you wanna?

Monday, October 19, 2009


Or as my buddy, Airam, would say, LMAO! I just did one of the dumbest things! It is really funny and I want so badly to tell you. BUT.. I can't.

It has to do with uhmm, hygiene. Let's just say I was trying to practice some good hygiene grooming and did something very stupid without realizing.

If I could censor my Blog, just this once (or twice, coz Honey, let me tell you, there are times I really want to share some things with a certain crowd of my readers) I would share this story with my fellow blogger women. This would really only be really funny to my fellow women over 40. There are some things that we 40ish gals try and, well, we f*ck up. And it usually ends up with us Laughing our Booties Off! I just keep giggling.

Sergio just looks at me like I have lost it. If I told him, he would think I did!

Sunday, October 18, 2009


Today I had a luncheon with five women I have know almost forever. These women are my Camp Fire Girls Sisters. From left to right: Tammy, Me, Mary D., Pam, Mary G., and Sheila. Unfortunately over the years we have not seen each other as often as I wish we had. We grew up and lost touch. Seeing each other on rare occasions. Two of these women, Pam & Mary G (who used to be known as Mary C growing up) shared their most precious part of them; Their Moms. Pat (Pam's Mom), along with Betty (Mary G's Mom) bravely lead our troop through grade school, middle school and kindof high school. They were a huge part of who I am and why I survived.

Growing up, we were all a little different. But magically that was what made us such a part of each other.

Today, we laughed we cried, we ate, we embraced. It is wonderful to be able to pick up where we left off so many years ago.
We have a few other sisters. A couple we haven't been able to find. Another that was unable to join us. Hopefully another time they will.

Having those Camp Fire Girls Meetings taught me so much. Socialization skills, crafting skills, business skills, and having FUN. Our leaders were wonderful women. They taught us to expand our horizons. To step outside the box. To be brave. And oh, did I mention? Have fun!We camped together (Ha Ha, seriously. I use to like that kind of stuff... especially with these girls!) We went to interesting and fun places. We gave back to the community (do you remember girls driven be leaders in a station wagon picking up the tied newspapers the night before trash day? That was us collecting for recycling back in the seventies before everyone recycled. We dressed in our "ceremonial gowns" (yes~ I am in that pamphlet!) and went to the malls and places to promote Camp Fire Girls and to show our skills off. Lord, I remembering some of us a little nervous in 8th grade hoping other school mates would not see us and make fun of our "Indian costumes".
I learned many of my leadership skills from being a Camp Fire Girl. Imagine that? A little girl growing up to want to make things better and felt prouder because a couple of women and a band of sisters made me feel so loved and special.

I want to thank them all. Particularly Pam & Mary G, for sharing their Mothers with us girls. I understand how hard that is as my daughters also shared me. I want to thank them, as well as Tammy, Mary D, Sheila for coming today and becoming a part of my life again. They as well as Lori, Toni, Karen, Stephaine, Lisa & Christine, (where ever they are) helped me to become who I am. I will love them and the memories we share, forever.

Until our next Camp Fire Girls meeting~ Wo He Lo!
Love~ Tacinca

Halloween Fun

For a good smile, scroll to the bottom of my page and click on JibJab. My daughter Annie, and her friends put this one together. I love this site! It is so fun to create a silly video. Give it a try! You will love it. Until then, enjoy watching Annie and her college buddies with this Halloween Monster Mash.

Saturday, October 17, 2009


A fabulous brisk day to celebrate football, tailgating parties, and spending with people you love.

Today was Parent's Day at BSU. Here are my beauties! Annie in her DZ Sweatshirt & famous hat (the girl can always stay warm and still look adorable!) And Emily in her Chi-O Sweatshirt.
We joined Emily's roommate, Dana's family for great food and fun. I love her parents, very fun and I am glad we are getting to know them. I see where Dana gets her sweetness. Her Mom is lovely. I so loved sitting with Emily. Seeing several of her buddies. Seeing her smile and the way she is adored by her friends makes my heart overflow with joy.
We also got to meet many of Annie's friends. It is so strange seeing Annie with new friends. I have seen her hanging with the same high school friends since grade school. Now those girls are split up at different colleges and expanding their horizons. I really like these new friends. Annie is very happy and it's great seeing her blossom. She has gotten very involved in her sorority and with her leadership skills has already became the president of New Members. She is so awesome! I am so excited for her.
The weather, although a chill in the air, was sunny.
Hot chocolate in hand, I was good to go!
ps. The score: I don't have a clue! I don't know if we won, I do know we played Bowling Green. I wasn't really there for football!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Take a Chance On Me...




We all are tempted. Some of us brave chances, risk and experiments. Some of us fear failure or ridicule and opt for the safe route.

I am usually a safety girl. But lately, I am feeling rather Risky. Willing to take a chance. So tonight I did.

Earlier this week I had a hair appointment. I am kindof a freak about hair. I like it long enough to hide behind it and nothing too much of a change!

My Mom is one of those cool rare souls who wears her hair short, spiky and very blond. I would rather die than be that bold.

I do like to hide the gray, simple traditional Mom cuts and color. Long enough to pull back or be stylist on a night out (Ha! Like that happens often!).

Anyway, Suzy, my stylist, whom I Love, cancelled on me at the last minute. Not her fault, she got injured and had to take the week off. I am so not willing to pay a stranger to over-charge me for a cut /color that I don't know if I will like!

So, I thought about doing it myself! Amazing how Wine will give me the encouragement to say,

"Hell Yeah! I can do this!!"

With wine in hand I began!
I followed the instructions. I played it some-what safe with a Soft Ash color. Oh! and it is a semi-permanent so Suzy can take over soon. I am home alone (other than my furry family members) so I am basically on my own.What the Hell am I doing??? Lord, get me another glass of wine! I am starting to panic a bit. However, again, I followed instructions. It looks even. It barely burns/itches. I really am wishing Suzy hadn't twisted her ankle! I am being totally selfish, but I am wanting a pro! I should have waited. It was only a week. However, Parents Weekend is this weekend at Ball State University. We are talking Tailgate.. Do you know how the natural sunlight grabs my gray and shouts "HELLO WORLD!!!" I wanna look like the girls MOM not GRANDMOM!
Crap-a Doddle!
Okay, moment of truce.
It looks like it is all washing out!
I cant tell... Does it look better? Or not even there? Hmmmm.
Well I guess it hid some gray. Mostly just toned and evened out the color changes from an out grown coloring. What do you think?
(Oh, and Please,try to imagine me with make-up!!)


Riley had a very successful surgery yesterday! My wonderful Vet was able to get out all the malignant tumor! She has lost a thyroid along with it, however, her larynx,vocal cords, arteries and nerves were unharmed! Other than a sour throat, a dozen external stitches, and the usual feel like crap after surgery.. feeling, she is recovering remarkably

Groggy but glad to see us, Sergio & I babied her all evening. We even slept in the living room with her to keep vigil watch over her. She had one tiny mishap where she ended up sitting on Sergio's head~ but they are both fine now! Was an interesting way to wake up with Sergio calling for help, while poor Riley was just confused from slipping off the couch onto his head!

Today, Riley's Happy Doggie Valium is making her feel good. At 120 pounds her pain killers are HUGE! That and her special dog bone that I got her from a Specialty Dog Store. (Seriously who buys these $9.00 dog bones regularly? I mean, yeah, I did, but for her recovery! The next one will be a regular one coming from PetSmart!)

Yea, she is a lucky Dog. Parvo, at a wee age, being the "fat girl" for years, and now Thyroid Cancer. She is a fighter! Oh, and by the way, I think she is ready to go on a diet!

Lucky Dog. Lucky Family!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Riley Girl

Today is the day that my Riley goes for her surgery. We hope that they will be able to get all of the tumor. I pray that it is benign. We love this big boned girl so insanely. She is such a joy to us and I am not ready to give her up.

Please pray for her and my family.

I will keep you posted.

Monday, October 12, 2009

New Slippers!

I bought myself new slippers yesterday. Aren't they adorable! I got them for FREE at Bath & Body Works. I spent $20.00 and got a coupon for anything up to $15.00 free. I HAD to get these! I may be an adult, but I also am still just a little girl. They make me smile!

So Pretty!

One of the backyard trees this afternoon. Isn't it pretty? They are changing quickly this autumn. I expect a cold winter!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Lovely Family Outing

Saturday, Sergio, Dakota, Bandit and I drove up to Muncie to participate in Annie's sorority, Delta Zeta, fund raiser. It was a Run/Dog Walk in memory of a DZ sister that died. Proceeds went to The Riley Children's Hospital Burn Center.

We had a lovely day for the event.

Annie walked Dakota, with his spiffy DZ bandanna, while Emily walked Bandit, wearing a Chi-O bandanna.

Bandit was a bit "aggressive" barking alot and acting big & bad (he did frightened a few). And Dakota, was Mr. Friendly (surprise to us) wanting to meet every big dog there!

They did great! Bandit calmed down, and we did carry Dakota half the time because of his little handicap leg (he wanted to walk. but would have paid for it later, so we compromised, half walk / half carried). It would have been perfect if we could have brought Riley, but with her upcoming surgery, we felt it best not to bring her.

It was such fun for us all. I got to meet some of Annie's new friends. We had lunch with Emily's roommate and her family, which was great. I am so glad that Sergio was able to get away with me and have this day with the girls. Just spending time with my girls is always such a treat!

Old Alcohol At My House!

So, last week Emily stopped by to see the house. (My girls are busy @ school and had yet to have an opportunity to see the new house).
She brought her Bestie, Tony.
At one point she teased me about the bottles of alcohol I have at the house and told Tony that we keep our alcohol forever and that she could probably take it without us noticing (she'll be 21 in a couple of months). She was particularly mean (jk~Em)about my Patron bottle in the freezer. I have a couple of ounces left. I have had it for a couple of years ~ with just that big shot left.

So, this past Friday, in anticipation of the girls coming on Saturday, I decided to have a little drink. My choice of poison was Bailey's and coffee. I was looking forward to it. I made the coffee, then poured a nice little shot in. Something wasn't quite right. It smelled heavenly, but looked...nasty. It was clumping in my cup! This Baileys can't be bad! I just cracked open the seal! In inspecting the label I spied "BEST IF DRANK BEFORE MAY 01. May 01? Oh My Gosh! MAY 2001? How embarrassing! It is freaking eight years old!!!! No, older. If drank BEFORE 01, I probably had it a year or so prior! Ok Emily. You are right. My alcohol is old! Maybe, I need to inspect my liquor cabinet and toss some other bottles out. I can start over:)

Walmart Cards

Walmart just started a line of cards for 88 cents!

(hey~ I don't have a cents key on my laptop! Have they always been that way? I am sure my type writer does...whoops showing my age! back to the blog posting.)

Anyway, I found a line of cards at Walmart the other day that I love. Sarcastic like me and yet cheap! I just stood there laughing at each one. They are great!

Here's the one I got for Deb (Bestie).

Deb has kids younger than I and they are at that age. I don't miss that age.
Mine would just roll their eyes, or possibly even sing along. Although, Annie asked me what "Air Supply" was when she read the card! Maybe it should have said REO Speedwagon or Lynryd Sknyrd from me!

I've Been Dumped!

Someone just left me! I had 40 followers, and was so proud. I just posted one of my favorite postings, and tonight see someone dumped me!
I have 39 followers now.
Who dumped me? And why?
I am sad :(
Where did you go runaway follower?
Was it something I said?


Friday, October 9, 2009

Do You Remember Me?

With my job, I pull people's information from a huge data base. I usually am pulling birth and death dates as well as current address'.
Every now and then, I run across someone I once knew. It makes me think about them and other "lost" people of my life.
How are they now?
Who are they now?
What are they now?

I do think of people from my past. I remember so many people that touched my life.
Good and bad.
Do they remember me?
Do they wonder what happened to me?
Does anyone care?

I want to reach out through the years as well as the miles.

I wrote a letter to my High School counselor, thanking him for being kind and for caring for me during the four years I knew him. I haven't sent it. Yet.

I want to know if the childhood friend that climbed trees and caught lightening bugs with me, remembers me. She was my first "girlfriend". She meant the world to me at just 5 years old.

Does my first Crush ever wonder about me? How about the boy that got my first kiss? I was his first kiss too. Does he wonder what ever happened to me?

What about the boy that beat me up everyday after school for two years? What became of him? Does he worry a bully will hurt his children? Or the kids that sat by on the bus and watched me get punched? Did they ever become compassionate?

How about those BFF's in Junior High School? The first boy to ask me to skate at a Skating party during "couples only". Oh My Gosh, what about the recipients from Spin The Bottle? Or my girlfriends from the Slumber parties? We shared so many secrets, so many dreams.

The terrible teacher that ridiculed me and told me she hoped I liked McDonalds, because that is all I would ever amount. What would she think of me and how far I have gone? Partly because of her cruelty.

Whatever happen to the high school teacher that saw something in me and gave me encouragement and praise? Is he retired now? What a Blessing he was and how he challenged me to be more.

My high school classmates. Yes, I am blessed to be close to several still. I have my Besties and buddies. But the other friends. The pair of siblings that walked with me every day to and from summer school. My friends from christian youth groups and my friends from Texas summers, do they ever wonder about me?

The crazy kids I worked my first job with. Phone solicitation. Yeah, you can imagine: 15 years old, scared to death, but having the time of my life begging people to buy tickets to a circus that supported burn victims. My boss weighed about 400 pounds and never got out of his chair. Did he ever lose that weight? Is he still living? He was so scary mean.

My college friends. What happened to my roommates? I would love to find them! How and why did we ever lose touch? I cherish the one college buddy that has remained a Lifer Bestie. She is amazing and I love her. But what about the others we hung and lived with? Where are they today?

My first apartment Roommate. What is she up to? How is she doing? Does she wonder about me?

Co-workers I adored, and even those I loathe. Where are they?

My "Kids" from the Deaf School. All grown up now. Same with my Damar (Special needs) Kids. My kids from Preschool classes, Sunday School classes, Girl Scouts, after school care, confirmation and other friends of my daughters. I can't believe how many we have already lost touch with. All of them are adults now.

Do any of these people ever try to get in touch with me? Do they want to? Would they remember me? Do they care?

I would be so honored to hear from a blast from the past. BUT only if it was positive. I don't need drama nor do I want to hear negative.

I am thinking about trying to reach out to a few. Particularly the old Roommates and a co-worker that I adored. They may think I am nuts. But, I kindof am. They probably remember that part about me!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Time To Smile!

Oh My Gosh!
Thank You Bridgette @ Life Is a Beach!
My Blog Friend Bridgette had this on her Blog and I had to borrow from her post to share this smile! (Bridgette, I hope you don't mind...It was just to funny to not post as well).Please go to Bridgette's Blog and check hers out. She is fabulous! And she needs all the prayers we can get for little Lilly!

Now, for your enjoyment: A little YouTube :)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Pretty Little Princess'

When my girls were little girls, I always encouraged imagination and fairy tales. My daughters were always Pretty Little Princess'.

At their little birthday parties, regardless to the theme, all the little girls invited would receive lovely Princess headpieces. I made these from party wire, curling ribbons as well as satin ribbons. If the theme was Little mermaid, the colors from Little Mermaid were used. Halloween - Black, Oranges, and Purples. Beauty & The Beast, 1001 Dalmatians,Christmas, no problem the Crowns, head pieces, what ever they wanted to call them, were always available at Emily & Annie's parties.

As the girls got older, this passed and new trinkets and goodies were thought up. But, I missed making the Pretty Little Princess' crowns. Sergio often encouraged me to make them to sell at the festivals, but I never did and just put the memories away in my heart.

Recently, I was talking to my dear friend, Barinder. She does not yet have children, however, she has a couple of Princess nieces.

Yea! Guess what I made today!One of her nieces will receive hers this week. The other lives in India and will have to wait for Barinder to arrive in a few weeks.
I can hear the Little Princess giggles now!

Anyone have a young Princess that needs a crown?

The Wedding Wall is Back

For many years at the New Palestine home I had a lovely Wedding Wall in my Dining Room. Today, I recreated it in our new home.

What do you think?

Sergio & I are in the center. Grandparents Texas above us. Sergio's parents to the left, Mine to the right. Our siblings on both sides.

I love it.

It makes me smile. It also makes everyone else smile. That's a whole lot of marriage on the wall.

It is also a wonderful conversation piece during family holiday gatherings!

All Hail King Sergio!

My fabulous husband, the wonderful King of our Castle, the Honorable Sergio is in very good grace with me today.
He "fixed" my stove top! I don't know what he did (he isn't even sure what he did) but the important thing is that it is working. At least two of the burners. We are still working on the the other two. We think air or water/moisture got in the gas lines and stopped it.

I am a happy Queen, able to cook!

Hip Hip Hurray!

Little Black Dress

Every woman should own at least one little black dress. It is perfect for so many events. I have four. Two are very summery, casual, and comfy. Not at all for dress up. The two others I have had for 10-15 years, truly well worth the money, as I have worn them to so many occasions. One is a suit dress, that has seen weddings, funerals, Dinners, and Closings (Realtor years). The final one is a longer, sexy yet subtle, dress I have affectionately dressed up & down to accommodate a slue of events.
Amazing how a strand of pearls and make a black dress classy and some Cheetah print shoes can add add flare and sass.

Last night we had an Awards Dinner to attend in Terre Haute (two hour drive). All along I had planned on wearing one of the above mentioned little black dresses. I decided to try them on in the morning to make the decision. Good thing I did! It appears my rear has gotten a tad bit bigger than I had thought over the year. It REFUSED to be squished into either dress!

So, defeated, I took Sergio along with me to find a new "Little Black Dress" that may accomadate my big fat rear-end! After more searching than I thought should be necessary and spending a tad bit more than I had hoped, I found a lovely dress to "Wow" myself through the evening.

I added it to the Black dress collection. I hope that soon I can resume the other two dresses, as I really love them and not ready to part ways with them (I am ready to part ways with my apparent big ass).

A Shimmy In My Spirit

Lucky Me!

I found this amazing Blog by Cynthia. I recently joined The Secret is In the Sauce, a blog group that promotes and unites each other in Blogworld and that is where I found this oh so talented Photographer/Artist/Writer. She is pretty fab and you must go visit her Blog.

Cynthia has contest that allow bloggers to enter and win these wonderful canvas prints. I won for September! It is so cool!

Yea Me! I won! I won! I won!
Cynthia~ You always encourage us to dance.... I am a dancing all day!
Thank you Darling!

Friday, October 2, 2009

What a Friend I have in Whirlpool!

I am thrilled to have my new Washer & Dryer working now! WE HAVE ELECTRICAL OUTLETS IN ORDER NOW!

I think everyone should have to go without their washer and dryer for a couple of weeks to truly appreciate having them! It has been an tough couple of weeks not to get clothes dirty. To have piles of dirty clothes, towels, and blankets growing in my bedroom. Picking out the things we really need then to go on a field trip to the Laundromat.

What an interesting place. Been there twice now in the past couple of weeks and I hope to never return. Things have changed since, "back in the day". (That would be 20 plus years ago in the apartment days.) Besides, you need close to $20 just to do a few loads these days!

Yes, I have learned to truly appreciate the washer and dryer. I am sitting here listening to them purr together in harmony. What Bliss!

Oh, and the best part! Sergio did not get electrocuted!

Now, if I can just figure out this dang Jenn-Aire gas stove and why I can't get my burners lite!