Friday, December 4, 2009

A Sheri Moment

A Sheri moment can be one of three things for me.
1. a very brilliant moment:
something wonderfully intelligent has come to me.

2. a very articulate moment:
the right words at the right time; the wittier the more Sheri Moment

3. a very "who is that?" moment:
that person knows me obviously but I have no clue who they are. They either were unimportant to me or just did not make an impression.

Growing up with Sheri, and being her friend for well over 30 some years, has cause some of her to rub off on me as well as me rubbing off on her. Deb and Lynn have escape some, but not all of this "thing" as they for one reason or another were not around us as much (miles, opportunities, etc). I like to think I have some Deb & Lynn in my DNA as well, but I will save those stories for another time.

Back to my Sheri Moment. These hit me OFTEN. I am usually very pleased when they do. Particularly when something witty comes out of my mouth at the right moment.

Right now I am dealing with Sheri Moment #3. Gosh Darn it. Someone has gotten in touch with me (through Facebook) and I have no recognition of this person! This person went to high school with me. This is huge! I always remember people! I am the one of us Besties that can recollect memories, moments, people at a drop of the hat. they come to me to say..."who is that?" or, "do I know her?"

But, today, I am stumped. Who they Hell are you? Why do I not remember you? Maybe I will call the girls. Maybe Sher will have a Jan Moment and remember this poor soul and snap me back in line!


Pammy Sue said...

I'm horrible at remembering people. Faces, yes. But where I've seen that face and what their name is, who knows? It's called a "Senior Moment" where I'm from. Ha-ha!

An English Shepherd said...

Yes the Boss has the senior moments as well :-) Peoples names and telephone numbers are a real issue!

Wizz :-)

♥ Teresa ♥ said...

I HATE those moments! I have several people from my school days who have contacted me and, for the life of me, I can not remember who they are. I used to have the best memory but lately it has been terrible. I like to blame it on all the meds I'm taking. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. :0)

Thanks for dropping by and leaving such a sweet message. I truly appreciate your prayers more than you know.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Teresa <><

Anonymous said...

Same thing with me. I asked one person, and he gave me all this info about who he ran with and all.......still I have nothing!
I have two people on FB that are "friends" and I don't recall them at all.
I'm too old to worry about it! : )
mary d
ps.just don't forget me!?!

A human kind of human said...

Oh I know, I know. This is so bad of us isn't it? What is worse though is if meet someone from your past face to face and they remember all about you and you cannot even remember their name - that is really bad, and that is so me.