Saturday, December 5, 2009

Poor Little Paper Whites

This sad little bound plant is my poor little Paper Whites. I planted the three bulbs and have anxiously awaiting their blooms.
My friend bought them the same time I did but planted hers a week before I did. Hers bloomed three weeks ago.
Mine looked like they would bloom just in time for Thanksgiving Day. Instead, on Thanksgiving they took an ugly turn. I don't know if I over watered the night before or the heat of the kitchen with both a turkey, ham and a bunch of other stuff cooking the day away did it but, by afternoon, they were leaning over looking mighty sad.
I have babied them, doctored them and begged them to come too and bloom. I can actually see the flowers through the transparent skin of the buds. They perk up, then lean back over. The band is to help them stand upright. I just started trying this to help it from falling over :(
I am so worried about them. They just wont snap out of it!
Any suggestions?


A human kind of human said...

Give them an aspirin and call me if they are not better in the morning (giggle). Wish I could give real advice but I do not know Paper Whites at all. Please publish a photo when they do bloom. Check the location of your friends plant, maybe they need to be moved into more light. In any case, good luck with them.

Anonymous said...

Jan try turing them a .25 turn every day so each side gets same sun/light. Try putting wooded dowels...chop sticks....etc. at each end and tie a pretty ribbon around that to give support.
check (stick you finger in half inch) your soil...too wet, put a spoon or something under so the water drains to one end and blot it out...too dry get it a drink.
I hope that helps.
mary d

Anonymous said...


Early on you can’t over water them; the temp from your Thanksgiving is the problem.
They like it at about 65 degrees till they take root. The sunnier the better, but try not to let them get too warm or they’ll grow leggy. Once the plants flower, they will last longer if moved out of direct sunlight, to a cool spot with indirect light.

We have the same coffee cup in the above picture and story with the Christmas kitty on it.