Sunday, December 27, 2009

Glamorous Miss Kitty

This is my fabulous Grandma Kitty when she was known as Kathryn Garner. This photograph was taken March 28th, 1946. It is one of the Head shots from her modeling portfolio.
My Mother gave it to me this Christmas. I had never seen this particular photo.
I love it.
My favorite Christmas gift.
My Mom knew that this would mean alot to me.
I am now on a mission to the Antique Shops in search for that perfect 1940's frame for this picture!
Isn't it grand? She is so beautiful!
Thank you Mom!

Number 500...almost

My Blog manager claims that last posting (Merry Christmas) was my 500th post.
But, in reality, it is only my 476th that is actually posted. I have 24 drafts that I have yet to finish or post for one reason or another.
I have decided to thin through them, toss the ones that need to be purged. And finish the ones that I started and have a rightful place in my Blog.
To celebrate this milestone I have decided to print my postings in book form. Something just for me. And anyone that wants to see it in print here at home. There is a link in our Blogspot toolbox called Blog2Print that offers this service for a reasonable price. They cleverly have a link that can allow you to see your blog, how it will fit the pages and look. You can digitally flip through the pages and become mesmerized. Or at least that is what happen to me!
You gotta check it out. Very cool.
This Blog has really been a wonderful experience for me. It has exceeded my expectations. I was originally looking for a little pat on the back and recognition from friends. Maybe some understanding about what I go through. I never expected to find a world of new friends. I have "met" friends going through what I am. Be it Depression, Menopause, Oldies issues, and children issues. We are so alike. Regardless if you are my friend from South Africa, Texas, Australia, or California. I can count on advice, a little sympathy, a wish of congrats, and a simple "I care" from so many of my Blog World Friends. My friends have also shared some wonderful ideas, recipes, music, and books. They have widen my horizon and helped me to reach beyond my comfort zones.
My little "just breathe janis", has changed me. It has strengthen me. It has validated me. I am forever grateful for the encouragement to start this (thank you Sheri) and the support and encouragement to continue.
I try to carefully censor what I write. Sergio is particular about several issues and I respect that. I always make sure the girls are aware if they are posted, so they can veto if necessary (Emily, has become one of my biggest fans). I try not to write about anything that would embarrass those I love, or anyone for that matter.
I have also encouraged and helped others start a blog.
For the most part, I have been thrilled to get comments. I have only had a couple of Wackos, and a small amount of SPAM. I am lucky. Sometimes I get jealous of how many followers and comments others get, but then realize how silly that is and remember what two blogger friends told me about how overwhelming it can become and take away the simplicity. I don't want hundreds of followers and comments. Just sometimes am surprised when someone will comment to me in an email or face to face, instead of in print form. I realize that is just how it is. Funny thing, I started a Facebook to get more exposure for the Blog (and to find college friends). Within weeks, I had twice as many "friends" as I have "followers in my Blog. Maybe they glance at the blog, maybe they don't. I prefer my Blog and the comfy little~big world I have with it.
Thank you. Thank you all so much for the encouragement, the faith, the laughter and the Prayers. Without you I don't think I would have made it. My Therapist thinks you all have helped me come a long way too!
My blog has been my tears, my laughter, my hope, and my life. It's a journey that I am hanging on to for dear life. Trying to enjoy the ride.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

Need I say more?
Have a very Blessed Christmas to all.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

23 Years of Bliss

December 20th 1986
Has it really been 23 years?
Sometimes I feel Sergio has been a part of me forever. And sometimes I think it seems only yesterday we had our first date.

I love this photo of my father walking me down the aisle. It looks as though I am having second thoughts. What the hell am I doing? I don't remember thinking it, but Phil, my Photographer, caught the expression.

I know you are thinking, "Boy, those eighties! There are some fine looking people in this photo."

Sergio & I were so young. I was 24 and Sergio 28. (Are you digging my big hair or Sergio's styling mullet?) When we meet, neither of us were looking. I think that is what made things flow so well. We were not trying to impress, we were just being ourselves. (And we still fell in Love!)
We have had our shares of ups and downs. I feel you can not appreciate the mountains without some valleys. We have had moments of joy as well as moments of sorrow.
I believe that marriage takes 150% from both spouses. It is hard work. There is nothing easy about living with the same person for the rest of your life. There are times when, truth be known, you don't even "like" each other~ BUT you can still love that person that you are not exactly liking at the moment! Weighing it out, BEFORE getting married is a good ideal. Making sure that you are both in it for the long haul, and having God along with you can be helpful!
I know that sometimes things happen beyond our control, and great marriages can become spoiled or broken. I know that we have been extremely Blessed, as we have weathered some tough storms, but nothing we could not handle together.
I am forever grateful, as I think I got very lucky. I got a wonderful husband that I am so glad to spend the rest of my life with.

Turning 21

My beautiful daughter Emily, turned 21 over the weekend.
Sergio & I took her, a girlfriend that also turned 21, a few of their friends, her Sis, Annie, her Aunt Delia & Uncle Dave, to dinner at Hard Rock Cafe. Then we went to her Aunt & Uncles house, (who luckily live downtown) for what the kids call, "Pregame". They party before hitting the clubs & bars as it is sooo expensive to drink out.

Emily & Natasha (who Emily went to high school with), had a great turnout. With the kids all starting Christmas break, just about everyone was home for the holidays, therefore, home for the party.
Sergio & I enjoyed seeing so many of these kids we have known since Emily was little. They have all grown into such nice young adults. Emily also had some wonderful Ball State friends come to town for this evening. Jenny, came from Lexington, Kentucky, to celebrate with her little Sorority sister.
The "kids" all stuck around till close to midnight. then Sergio, Dave & Annie started giving rides as well as a couple of cabs, to the heart of downtown where the bars are.

They went to just one bar. A place called Tiki Bobs. I think they had a pretty good time. I am very fortunate that Emily has such a wonderful group of friends, particularly, Bobby, to look over her and take care of her on this evening of milestone.
By 2:00am Emily was done for the night. A cab ride back to Aunt & Uncles home,with several of these sweet friends, where they crashed for the night.
She didn't get sick.
She did call to tell us she was safe at Delia's, she "wuved" us and said "Thank you".
Pretty good girl!
I continue to be so very proud of her.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Rocky Update

Or should I have titled this:
"How I Almost Killed My Cat".

Rocky. My dear sweet Rocky. I do love this cat. I mean really love this cat. I have for the 14 years we have had him. So, it is understandable how upsetting this has been.

Sergio, who I was sure was in denial, actually was more on top and accurate in diagnosing my cat. He was sure Rocky was NOT ready to die.

He is 17 years old. When the signs started showing up a month ago, how was I to think it could be anything else? I mean, he is old! He never complained or seemed sick. He just stopped eating and started sleeping more.
After four days of not eating anything, his eye and jaw swelled.
That is definitively not a sign of dying from old age.

OMGosh! Sergio~ I THINK YOU ARE RIGHT. Lets take him in to the Vet. I humblely admit that I have made a huge mistake thinking it's just old age and that Sergio was in denial. My husband...knows best.

Now mind you we have talked to the Vet, already the day he stopped eating. Well, now that I think of it, we talked to his assistant.

My Vet kept him for the day, hooked to an IV because he was dehydrated, and confirmed Sergio's thoughts of infection. Rocky has an Abscessed Tooth, which has gotten infected as well as causing an infection in his right eye. He pumped him with antibiotics, removed as much as he could of the ...puss and junk, although could not remove the tooth due not being able to give him anesthetic at this time.

He is home on watch now. We must get him to eat and gain some pounds so we can go forward with abstracting the tooth. He is not out of the woods. Because of his age, putting him under is extremely dangerous, but, the tooth has to go. He will most certainly die if it is not removed.

He loves his drugs, eating somewhat :) and drinking a chicken stock as well as water. He is making much improvement. Looks a ton better!

Thank you for your prayers. It seems this old guy isn't on that last 9th life. He was just fooling around with number 8.

Poke, Poke, Prod!

In this past seven days, I have had a Helluva health conscious week.

I went to my Family Physician. Yearly routine and review. When I walked in, the assistant says, "Okay, Janis, just need you to step up on these scales." I said, "You know, I think I will pass this time." Three sets of eyes stare at me.. I continued, "The way I see it, This is the week following Thanksgiving, and I ate quite a bit. My clothes are not very forgiving right now, so I am sure I am still carrying these extra pounds. I am VERY close to a scary number, (what I weighed at 9 months pregnant). If I get on your scales, fully dressed, I may be at or surpass "that" scary number. If that happens, seeing how I am here to be re-evaluated about my depression issues, and my weight-gain has been upsetting me, I am thinking the Doc will end up needing to up my Meds as I will be more anxious if I am near "that" number. SO, I will be happy to whisper my weight as of this morning "BUTT NAKED" {coz we all know winter clothes, heavy sweaters & pants add a couple of pounds}, but since I want to not increase the medications, I will pass on stepping up on those scales." I am happy to say, they seemed very impressed with my logic and gave me the pass I requested.

Tuesday, I went to the Optometrist. It was raining buckets, it was late, I was tired and they were running behind. A lovely Associate decided to follow me around while I tried glasses on. Giving me her opinion on every pair. Thank you very much, but, I do kindof know what I am looking for. Been wearing glasses for over 35 years. Only plan on wearing them once a week to give my eyes a break from the contacts. Maybe I like these frames honey, wireless look great on you but that isn't what I want! I didn't say this but wanted too. She finally gave up when I picked what I wanted and stuck with it. I also now have a stronger prescription so I have had a bit of a headache since Tuesday evening. Damn I hate that!

Wednesday I went to a Podiatrist. Wonderful fellow. Very quite & gentle. My Family Physician wanted me to have my foot looked at because I still am having pain from falling last spring. Sure enough, I did fracture it! Luckily it is healing well on its own. The X-ray shows that it is still healing and he gave me suggestions on how to handle the pain, and how to protect it from re-injury while it is still fragile. I should have gone eight months ago and it would be fine now, but, like many, I put myself last.

Thursday, I went to the Dentist. Thank God we are friends. I hate having anyone poke in my mouth at my teeth & gums. She can put me at ease and is the Angelic Gentle Dentist. A simple replacement of an old silver filing. Discomfort, but she spared me the pain~ Gosh I love her! Never the less I am tender.

Finally, Thursday evening, my monthly check in with my Therapist. How fitting to see her last, after a week of body drama. She as usual, was wonderful. Helps me keep things in check, and makes me feel normal, not really crazy. I look forward to the day I need not depend on her, but fear it as well. She certainly is good at helping me learn new tools and methods of dealing and handling what life throws at you.

At least I got everything in before the year end. Gotta make sure things get done accordingly for our insurance lords.

Monday, December 7, 2009

"Yo! How you doin?"

"That's what Rocky is all about: pride, reputation, and not being another bum in the neighborhood."

...Sylvester Stallone

On Halloween night, 1995, Sergio allowed a stray black cat into our garage. Good looking, short, muscular cold black cat. We had some kids in the neighborhood that were, well, not nice when it came to animals. So, Sergio, felt this little guy needed a little extra protection on a night that isn't so lucky for black cats around idiot kids.

I had just rescued another cat, Mario, the week before that needed alot of medical attention, as well as being busy with two little girls, two dogs and two other cats. I was also teaching preschool & babysitting. What's one more Gonzalez? He seemed to fit in very well with our gang.
Rocky was named after the Sylvester Stallone character Rocky Babloa.
He is an exceptionally sweet cat. Never torn anything up. Never got into trouble like the rest of the Gonzalez pets seem to do. He keeps out of trouble, stays out of the way, and always has stayed happy and healthy.
Rocky is now in his golden years. Although he has slowed down and gotten a bit thin, he has not really been frail until recently. Lately it has become increasingly difficult for him to do much of anything but snooze. He loves the new house and has several favorite spots. Particularly, here next to me on my desk. In the past month, we have moved a favorite Longaberger Basket (they are made for cats, right?), his food & water bowl, and he likes the little desk light left on (it's like a warming light at restaurants). I have also changed his food to can as we could sense some trouble with chewing.
Yesterday, he stopped eating. He also has stopped drinking. Today I begged him and managed to get a few drops of warmed milk in him. He even turned down tuna & turkey & steak fat (ewe~ but he always loved it). I have spoken to the Vet about options and once again, I have been in this position, but, run it by me again, what do I look for in his comfort and help me know when that has past.
Sergio is in denial. He is mad that I did not take him to the Vet sooner. He thinks Rocky just has a dental need. He forgets that most cats do not live to be 17 years old. He thinks Rocky is gonna be fine. "We are not losing another during the holidays (why do pets always do that?). The girls are off at school. They know Rocky is an old~old cat. Poor thing put up with doll clothes from them (particularly Emily, back in the day). I haven't called them with the news that he seems to have taken a turn for worse.
To me, I don't see it as a turn for the worse. He has had a lovely life. Quite the plush life for a cat. Plenty of "siblings". All the food, shelter, love and even Christmas presents!
He is purring. He seems really happy, although very tired. He is starting to be disoriented. I try to keep him close by. I get scared when I can't find him, and troubled when I do in some new spot. {Please don't go hide to die, let me comfort you}.
17 years. We have had him in our family for 14 years. He is such a cool cat.
I love You Rocky, you are such a good boy.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

New & Improved

I have rediscovered some oldies but goodies!

First we have, Neutrogena's "Rainbath". I have loved this for many years. It is one of the best shower soaps I have ever used. Somewhat reasonable in price. When I am lucky, I get this big 40 ounce from Sam's. The great thing about this currently is that they have a new scent. Grapefruit. Hello? Those that know me, know this is a no brainer for me. I love grapefruit anything! It is a citrus scent that I crave!
Next I have rediscovered this!
I use to LOVE "General Foods International Flavored Coffees"! Well, the caffeine/sugar version that is. I stopped drinking them years ago when I became more of a hard core coffee w/ no flavors type. Now, I don't know. I am up to a little flavors now and then. After all, I am drinking that Eggnog creamer during the holidays.
It is good to rediscover old loves. It's even better when they are new & improved!

Poor Little Paper Whites

This sad little bound plant is my poor little Paper Whites. I planted the three bulbs and have anxiously awaiting their blooms.
My friend bought them the same time I did but planted hers a week before I did. Hers bloomed three weeks ago.
Mine looked like they would bloom just in time for Thanksgiving Day. Instead, on Thanksgiving they took an ugly turn. I don't know if I over watered the night before or the heat of the kitchen with both a turkey, ham and a bunch of other stuff cooking the day away did it but, by afternoon, they were leaning over looking mighty sad.
I have babied them, doctored them and begged them to come too and bloom. I can actually see the flowers through the transparent skin of the buds. They perk up, then lean back over. The band is to help them stand upright. I just started trying this to help it from falling over :(
I am so worried about them. They just wont snap out of it!
Any suggestions?

Friday, December 4, 2009

A Sheri Moment

A Sheri moment can be one of three things for me.
1. a very brilliant moment:
something wonderfully intelligent has come to me.

2. a very articulate moment:
the right words at the right time; the wittier the more Sheri Moment

3. a very "who is that?" moment:
that person knows me obviously but I have no clue who they are. They either were unimportant to me or just did not make an impression.

Growing up with Sheri, and being her friend for well over 30 some years, has cause some of her to rub off on me as well as me rubbing off on her. Deb and Lynn have escape some, but not all of this "thing" as they for one reason or another were not around us as much (miles, opportunities, etc). I like to think I have some Deb & Lynn in my DNA as well, but I will save those stories for another time.

Back to my Sheri Moment. These hit me OFTEN. I am usually very pleased when they do. Particularly when something witty comes out of my mouth at the right moment.

Right now I am dealing with Sheri Moment #3. Gosh Darn it. Someone has gotten in touch with me (through Facebook) and I have no recognition of this person! This person went to high school with me. This is huge! I always remember people! I am the one of us Besties that can recollect memories, moments, people at a drop of the hat. they come to me to say..."who is that?" or, "do I know her?"

But, today, I am stumped. Who they Hell are you? Why do I not remember you? Maybe I will call the girls. Maybe Sher will have a Jan Moment and remember this poor soul and snap me back in line!

...I hate that!

Need I say more?