Sunday, November 29, 2009

Things that Make Me go Hmmm...

I learned a few things this week. I have been thinking alot about them, so let me share with you.

1. "Liquid Nails" is pretty powerful but not always glues what you intend. As I tried to repair an angels wings (Christmas decoration), the wings would NOT stay on the lovely angel. Instead, they GLUED on to my finger that was trying to hold it tightly together. It took me forever to get the wings off my index finger. Once I did, my finger prints are forever altered as part stayed on the wings. It's quite painful!

2. A bandage on your index finger makes it difficult to type on the computer.

3. Just because you feel great doesn't mean you are no longer depressed. Changing your medication dose without a Doctors consent isn't a good ideal. You feel better~ the medicine is working! Chemically imbalanced people need the correct dosage to become "balanced". Reducing meds can cause tears & fears.

4. My Sister will always be a better Cook. I am okay with that. I would be better with it if we lived closer so I could have her cook for me! No matter if the recipe is the same: Julie's version always taste better.

5. You can't win an argument with my Mom. Better to shut up and "pretend" to agree. Challenging it gets no where. So, apparently I have been married for 24 yrs come Dec 20th, silly me, I could swear 2009 - 1986 equals 23. Whatever.

6. You can't make someone treat you with more respect. Rude is rude. No matter how hard you try to teach it, people have to get it on their own. I am disappointed that our young adults talk to parents the way they do and make decisions without regard.

7. Buying an artificial tree does not guarantee the dog wont pee on it. Neither does having said dog, go pee multiple times outside first, guarantee he did not save some to mark that strange tree in the living room!

8. Some things never change nor will they.


JOY said...

What is it about those mothers (I have one) that have to be RIGHT about everything??? It drives me crazy.

I hope your dog doesn't continue to have to mark the tree! I have a new dog and am curious how he will react to the tree. It isn't up yet so we'll see . . .

An English Shepherd said...

I am looking forward to the Christmas tree as well ;-)


Jen said...

oh yes to the mother thing. I totally get that one.

And re: #7 - that is the battle of the century with my eldest daughter right now. No matter how she was bought up, no matter that she knows in her heart (she must!!) - now, all that out the window and she is so damn RUDE!!! Oh yes. Sigh