Sunday, November 22, 2009


Unlike my furry friends, I can't get comfortable just anywhere.
There was a day when I could. When I was a little girl, my "spot" in the '65 Volkswagen Beetle Bug, was that tiny place behind the back seat. I slept well during long car rides there. As I got older (and no longer fit in such spots) I could get pretty darn comfy anywhere.
But those days have been over for some time.
Age creeped up on me and wham! I get aches and pains, charlie horses and that restless leg feeling too. I need some comfort! Especially at bed time!
One of the best investments we ever made was buying a Select Comfort bed. I sold a condo to a gal that managed a Select Comfort store. After years of her trying to convince me (and me trying to convince Sergio) we finally bought it.
I sleep very well. (My Sleep number is generally a 70, if you are curious) I get comfy every night. I don't feel Sergio getting up through the night, nor does he wake up when I am to let the dogs out. I don't get Charlies or cramps at all anymore. I don't wake to a stiff neck or aching back.
We share our little queen bed with two, sometimes three dogs, and occasionally a cat or two.
I sleep like a baby!
I get excited about going to bed, and I don't want to get out in the morning.
I have an incredible view of the backyard with all my trees and the stars are lovely at night. I refuse to put up window coverings!
We have had our bed for about 6 years now. I highly recommend it. It is well worth the money and I doubt you will be disappointed.
I wish I could go curl up with a dog or cat or my husband now :).


JC said...

I so can relate
I used to be able to sleep anywhere .. even on a hard floor
Now, I have trouble
We got a fancy bed a year ago
Not your type but it is very nice too

I love watching tv in bed with my purr gang ...

A human kind of human said...

I am so with you on this one. Sleep is the second best activity on earth and a comfy bed just makes it so much more enjoyable. When ever we are away from home, my bed is the first thing I start missing, no other bed sleeps quite like my own.

An English Shepherd said...

I enjoy a good nap as well!

Wizz :-)