Sunday, October 11, 2009

Walmart Cards

Walmart just started a line of cards for 88 cents!

(hey~ I don't have a cents key on my laptop! Have they always been that way? I am sure my type writer does...whoops showing my age! back to the blog posting.)

Anyway, I found a line of cards at Walmart the other day that I love. Sarcastic like me and yet cheap! I just stood there laughing at each one. They are great!

Here's the one I got for Deb (Bestie).

Deb has kids younger than I and they are at that age. I don't miss that age.
Mine would just roll their eyes, or possibly even sing along. Although, Annie asked me what "Air Supply" was when she read the card! Maybe it should have said REO Speedwagon or Lynryd Sknyrd from me!

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