Sunday, October 4, 2009

Little Black Dress

Every woman should own at least one little black dress. It is perfect for so many events. I have four. Two are very summery, casual, and comfy. Not at all for dress up. The two others I have had for 10-15 years, truly well worth the money, as I have worn them to so many occasions. One is a suit dress, that has seen weddings, funerals, Dinners, and Closings (Realtor years). The final one is a longer, sexy yet subtle, dress I have affectionately dressed up & down to accommodate a slue of events.
Amazing how a strand of pearls and make a black dress classy and some Cheetah print shoes can add add flare and sass.

Last night we had an Awards Dinner to attend in Terre Haute (two hour drive). All along I had planned on wearing one of the above mentioned little black dresses. I decided to try them on in the morning to make the decision. Good thing I did! It appears my rear has gotten a tad bit bigger than I had thought over the year. It REFUSED to be squished into either dress!

So, defeated, I took Sergio along with me to find a new "Little Black Dress" that may accomadate my big fat rear-end! After more searching than I thought should be necessary and spending a tad bit more than I had hoped, I found a lovely dress to "Wow" myself through the evening.

I added it to the Black dress collection. I hope that soon I can resume the other two dresses, as I really love them and not ready to part ways with them (I am ready to part ways with my apparent big ass).


Mark said...

Funny writing blame it on the dryer not the girl.

janis said...

Ha Ha! Okay I will blame it on the damn Dry Cleaners!

Mark said...

We need to quit trying to find an event and just set a date to get together. Maybe in a week or so you guys come over for steaks on the grill and see all our critters? Check a few dates, and I will check with the calendar keeper.