Saturday, September 26, 2009

Lucky Man

My Husband is a Lucky Man.
For alot of reasons, after all, he is married to me (Ha Ha! Couldn't resist!).
Good things come his way, although he may argue that. He hasn't felt that lucky lately. Lots of things~ he's getting old (51,big deal), the job (okay, I do agree, this has been a very stressful couple of years with the International UAW), family (not me & the girls, so much as his oldies & Sib's), finances (he had planned on retiring @ 50, working so much over the years, but the economy hit us too with investment hell, and college expenses rising as well). I could go on, but you get the gist. He does see the overall picture and is grateful for his Blessings.

Now, let me tell you a little story about how lucky he is to be alive today after a manly "fix-it" moment.

We bought a new washer & dryer for the new house. YEAH!! We officially moved in on September 11th. Sergio realized we needed to get an adapter for the electric dryer. The new ones have a four prong plug, and our laundry room is equipped for the older three prongs.

I suggested he hire an electrician. How silly of me! He can do it himself! After all he is a man, aren't they born with the knowledge of this stuff? Why hire a licensed Electrician that went to school for this?

Sergio, has been really busy with work, let alone moving us in. Again, lets just hire someone to do this little electric work so I can have a working dryer? So, Sergio finally finds some spare time to do this quick little fix it (he needed me to do laundry as we was going out of town in the morning). So he gets busy.

Forgot one major detail.... Cut of the power when doing electrical work. He was holding this cord, getting ready to connect it to the dryer. Wanting to make sure it was the correct fit for the wall socket with it's four prongs, Sergio plugged it into the socket, holding both ends of this cord, not grounded, and into a live socket.


Thank God he had rubber soles on his tennis shoes! It threw him to the other side of the room, killed his watch, and damn near electrocuted him. Sorry Honey, but Dumb-Ass! Even I would not have done that. Hence I would have hired an educated licensed Electrician.

Now we have blown the fuse and burned out the socket and am waiting for an electrician to come fix his "fix-it".

Lucky me goes on fun field trips to the laundromat. (Strange place with interesting people).

Lucky me, my Hubby is alright. A little fried, but alright.

Lucky him, to be alive.


Fire Byrd said...

Glad to hear he's OK. Men are so vain sometimes about their skills aren't they?
And as to all those trees in your back yard... wow, lucky you. Can't wait for the pics

Lori ann said...

Oh man, what was he thinking? I don't understand men much of the time. I am so glad for both of you that he is ok! It's great to hear that you are so happy in your new home, I love all the trees too, and I'm looking forward to seeing photos.

Mark said...

Leave us guys alone, I to have been zapped! Who knew I should have disconnected the water heater to replace a heating element. Oh well its good for the heart and one more entry on when a little pee comes out.