Saturday, September 26, 2009

Ahh! To Breathe Again

The is something to be said about, "Home Sweet Home". I love this home. Feels like home. I am comfortable. I am happy. I am even sleeping!

The funny thing about this house is it was on the market for over a year! We had chosen not to look in this neighborhood because of the strict covenants. Also, our "list" had certain amenities that we tried to meet. This fell short of the list on paper. Finally after looking at over a hundred homes (yeah, crazy! At least I could look without another agent, since I still have a Real Estate license, I never worked with a client that made me show this many, and ALL OVER THE MAP!). Anyway, I finally told Sergio, after countless homes that were not fitting, lets just take a look. I knew the work of the investor that had bought this property, and although, working with him could be ...difficult, I knew he did beautiful work pulling a foreclosed home back to its beauty and stature.

Luckily for us, his Realtor, did not do this home justice. He failed to mention it had two masters and a perfect "In-Laws' suite. He failed to mention all the fabulous features and the beauty this home held. It is now understandable why the agent and seller were at bad terms in the closing. We got a great deal on this home.

For we feel in love at first sight.

This house is build just right for us. It is the kind of home we have always wanted, and hope to keep till we die. Plenty of room for guest, plenty of room, need one of our oldies or daughters later need a place to share.

I am feverishly laboring away. Putting my stamp on the home. Finding places for everything. Still looking for some "lost" items from the move.

We have a few issues that need to be dealt with. Nothing we can not handle. Some good blogging on this later. It has been a Hell of a couple of weeks!

For now, it's good to be home.

Because once again, "There is no place like Home!"

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Anonymous said...

Jan I am so very happy for you...your yard is beautiful...can't wait to see the house. All in God's time....well worth the wait.
Welcome home dear.
mary d