Saturday, September 26, 2009

24 Trees

One of the lovely amenities that I fell in love with at our new home, is the trees.

I have twenty trees in the back yard, and four in the front. The twenty in the back have me smitten. There are Seven Pines, Four Fruit Trees, and Nine Leafy Trees. They are fabulous! I love the breeze they give. I love the shade they give. I love that they house so many birds and critters.

Because we do not have a fence (yet), I have to walk the dogs a dozen or so times a day. I am getting quite good at handling three leashes at once. The dogs are starting to understand this does not mean...leash? WALK!!. It now means...leash? potty-time! We walk all over the yard. Certain areas have become favorite..uhm.. spots.. for each dog. We are very grateful that the big trees shield us from the rain when it is time to go out. One of my Big Puppies, not mentioning names, but one fellow, is becoming a bit of a frady-cat when we go outside in the dark, and the wind whistles through the trees. This certain little guy is bugging out and I am trying to get him to realize, the trees are our friend! Would be easier if the birds wouldn't creep us out swooping out when we walk under them.

Autumn is on it's way. We Hoosiers may complain about the changing Indiana weather, but we are so very proud of the colors our trees turn during the Autumn. My backyard I hope will be a lovely splash of color!

I promise to post pictures soon.

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Linda said...

I too have a love affair with trees - we don't have very many in our yard because when we built our home, I didn't want any near the house. But there is a lovely assortment on the land behind our house. My favorite are the pines.