Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Zhanis! You Putting on more Weight!

Quoted from my dear Mother -in-Law this weekend.

First of all; obviously this old woman doesn't realize how hard it was to gather my family and pretty much MAKE them go see her & Poppa Saturday. It certainly wasn't anyone other than me saying: "Come on, we need to go see them. Show the love. It's been a while. I know it would make them so happy!"

Second; we came to eat at the Assisted Living Retirement Center they are currently staying at. No one wanted to eat at 4:30 (why do oldies do that?), let along there. The food isn't an, uhm, favorite shall we say?

I said, "Thank you Momma, I see you are packing a few new pounds too, no wonder with the pound of butter they put into each meal." She laughed and said, "yes! I gain 10 pounds!"

Third; She has no idea how self-conscious I am of gaining this weight. Earlier Emily caught me measuring my fat body parts, and told me that no one does that. Nor do I look like I gained any weight. Yes, Her eyes rolled back when Momma, announced to the dining room crowd about my gaining weight.

My Father -In-Law laughing chimed in: "You weigh a good 140 pounds now, huh? 140? Am I right?" Shut up Poppa. He caught me slip in the weigh room on the way back to their apartment. I jumped on the massive scales. Poppa pipes up: 140? No? I said, "Old Man, watch it!" In which,he laughed.

Fourth; Hello? The home we are purchasing has two master bedrooms. May be a good idea to stay on my good side! My folks are rocking right now...

ps.. I do love my In-Laws dearly. I appreciate them, even when they are mean. I see where Sergio gets it....


sheri said...

Maybe eating at 4:30 has destroyed that part of the brain that shows compassion?

Anonymous said...

These comments aren't very nice.

Anonymous said...

This is sad... you have to MAKE your family go see their grandparents? Have you not taught them the love and respect they should have for their family? It is also sad that you think it is such a pain to eat with them at assisted living when they probably have a VERY HARD working staff there who takes time out of their days to take care of your family, cooks for them, provide them their every day needs, and who is there through good and bad no matter what, every single day! You think you have it rough? You have a hard time even getting your family to go see them?! I do not know how your family is or why they seem to make you miserable enough to want to complain about them on an internet site?...but im sure that if you think they need to watch it because they are supposed to live with you and you think they are being mean?...Look at yourself. Well first you need to get your head out of your ass and then open your eyes and see that they are family and they are human and i hope to god they have other people in their lives who they can actually live with, DEPEND ON, and give them the respect that they deserve. If not i would want to stay in assisted living. At least they are in an environment surrounded with love instead of an environment with no compassion. Family is there for you through anything and everything no matter what the situation is. They are supposed to be the strength that picks you up and not push you down and have the audacity to complain about them and even hurt them like you obviously wanted to do with this blog. I hope they haven't seen this. That would break my heart. These comments are worst then "not very nice." They are bitchy, rude, and selfish!

janis said...

At first I wasn't going to respond to this. Obvilously, "Anonymous" does not know me or my family. But, I am going to respond, so Anonymous can see my head is not up my ass.
First~ Yeap. I have to MAKE my family go see them. They are all adults and make choices for themselves. And yes, I have taught them about love and respecting our family, thank you very much.
Second~ Yeap, the food is horrible. I have met the staff and they would agree. They make it mushy for those that have to have it that way. Add lots of butter to fatten everyone one up because they get so skinny.
Third~ With Assisted Living, my folks chose how much or little "help & hard work" goes into their care. That is why it cost so much.
Fourth~ I do have it bad, but with laughter, prayer, and the joy of writing helps me see, I am not in this alone, besides making it easier and more joyous.
Fifth~ The family loves that I blog. They can read it whenever and whatever they want. I do let them know when they are in it and have even read to my In-laws. They seem to think I am funny and a good writer. I have even helped some family members start blogs.
Sixth~ I have had relatives live with me on & off. I have always made my home open, in fact encouraged the Oldies to move in with us. They love our current set up and may consider it. I think they are just waiting for the college kids to move on, out of their way. They moved out of the assisted living as it was a "trail" and they hated it. Gotta love that they had an opportunity to "trail run it".
FINALLY~ Honey get a life! Or at least back off mine! No one is making you read my Blog, are they? My tiny little life is mine, and I choose to share and laugh about it with those who choose to read or care. You gotta take it with a grain of salt where I come from! Happy, Sad, Funny, or Couragous, it is just me trying to breathe.
I welcome comments good or bad, but don't hate on me. You certainly have no idea what my life and family is like. Get to know me if you want, or please go bitch at someone else.

Anonymous said...

I was surfing the web and randomly came across your blog. I have never been one to read them, let alone comment. However, you my dear have made yourself sound like an arrogant self-centered bitch (pardon my french) and I feel sorry for your "family". You are self-concious about your weight and yet let your mother-in-law know that she has "packed on some pounds"?!?! May God have mercy on your cold and heartless sole.

janis said...

Hello Mean Anonymous Person that has nothing better to do then to pick on me and my blog!
I am not sure what your deal is or why out of my 475 blog postings you have picked this one to let me know what you think, but I did respond to your comments and I assure you that my family adores me and is proud of my blog. So please back off.
ps.. I prayed for you today.