Friday, August 14, 2009

curve balls

Whenever I feel like I am getting it together,
a curve ball is thrown at me!
I am getting so tired of it.
I am tired, tired, tired.

I am trying to breathe.
I am trying to take one step at a time.
I am trying to see the positive and be a reflection of that.
I am trying to take things with a grain of salt.

I am so tired of trying so hard...


lakeviewer said...

Deep breaths. Lots of rest. A yummy dinner out. Don't underestimate fatigue.

Fire Byrd said...

It's so not fair is it..... you think it's time that everything calmed down and bang your in the middle of it again, what ever it is.
I wonder sometimes when do I get off for good behaviour!
And no amount of rest seems to take it away till ig goes in it's own sweet time.
Hold on it will pass!

Linda said...

I'm sorry that life is going like this. :( Hope things are better soon!