Monday, July 6, 2009

I Miss Bliss

I know I am complaining, but darn if I don't just really miss BLISS.

I use to one of those that always was happy. Saw the glass half full instead of half empty. Smiled at strangers. Had a song in my heart.

Now I am just so sad. I keep seeing what I wish or hoped and not what I have that is good. Every time I start to get up, something drags me back down.

Don't get me wrong, I am truly grateful, and love my blessings. My family is everything to me. I just feel inadequate. I feel like I am lacking in making things happy.

I am so tired. I am losing my desire.

I want my Bliss back.

I want my Rose-colored glasses.

I want to see the good, not the bad. The positive not the negative.

Give me smiles not frowns.

Laughs not tears.

Someone tell me how do I get it back? And hang on to it tighter this time?


Anonymous said...

:( i hate seeing these. i wish i could find it for you! loveeee you so much and glad i was home all weekend. - em

Anonymous said...

Bliss, schmiss. Here's my 2 cents..quit talking and focusing on the sadness and depression so much. Focus outside yourself, find a passion, give back to your community and family, volunteer, make someone's day with a smile, compliment. Happiness, comfort, love isn't going to happen to you, you have to give it to yourself. Never lose your sense of humor and that great laugh. Lov u...deb

janis said...

Em~ you know I love you, you do more than you can imagine.
My dear Deb~
If only it was that easy.
My therapist seems to think I must talk about it because when it consumes me and overwhelms me, I can't handle it the same as someone who is not battling depression. I try not to write too much about the dark side in my blog, but when I do, I get wonderful words of advice, comfort, and most important, prayers. I make a point to write more positive than the negative. And I try to keep the deep cr*p reserved for just a few shoulders. It is my outlet. My laugh is MIA most of the time lately. Community work would be a wonderful way that I may get to enduge in at some point, but right now, I speed every opportunity making an income and trying to catch upo in day to day life. Sometimes, just getting out of bed is such a hardship.
I pray you never go through this. You are one of my dearest Besties and I wish I had you nearby. You bring a sunshine when I do get to see you & that I miss.

Ziongirl said...

I am sorry you are having a rough time.................

It is nice to have an outlet.
Hence, the BLOG...

I too will say a prayer for you you today!
Love, Brooke