Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Dirty Rotten Scoundrel!

Last night, my Annie's little truck was broke into. The villain, made a mess of her truck, pulling everything out of the glove box and box between the seats. He/she made off with her hidden ipod, chargers, & accessories. All the change in her ash tray. And of all things, stole her tiara! Annie has had her tiara since she was 12. She wears it on her birthday, and whenever she wants to be a princess. She kept it on the car dash. It is just a cheap little rhinestone crown that has no value other than sentimental. She asked, "Seriously, who would take that?" I am so ticked. Annie is so sweet. I would have rather they hit our cars/trucks. Although it appears they may have tired. There are marks from where one of those Pop-A-Lock things went in through the window-rubber part on Annie's truck. There were marks on Sergio's truck, but Annie's must have been easier to manipulate. Looks like they tired to get Sergio's wheel rims.

The dogs have been jumpy. Several nights they went off, but we never saw anyone when they would and sometimes we just called them back in our room. Last night they slept through the night! We have had some hits on our street lately. We still think we are safe back in New Palestine. We forget how the city can be. Although in all fairness, our neighborhood in NP also was hit several times. Sergio claims to be sleeping in the Living Room tonight, thinking they will be back to finish his truck. I doubt it.
We feel violated once again. I really don't like this area. Some of the neighbors are so nice, but, I am anxious to move on and out!
I actually said a prayer for whoever did this. Really that is all I can do. (Yes, we had Annie file a report to the Police.) We lock our doors, have three loud watch dogs (okay, yes I realize they slept through it this time!) I am mad, but I think of how many things that could have been worse, and I am thankful, Annie is okay, Emily is okay, Sergio & I are okay, and our lovies, the cats & dogs are okay.So, chin up and carry on!


lakeviewer said...

It's an ugly thing to be violated so. It changes how you see people, how you trust people. It's unfortunate Annie has learn the hard way.

JC said...

I know how you feel. We came down to our beach house and I let the dogs out in the yard. Noticed my dog was on the neighbors yard. Someone had torn two boards off my fence so they could walk to the other side. I then saw that they had opened the other fence and left it open.

My dogs could have been run over.

I just would like to shake who ever did it and ask ... what were you thinking .. oh, you weren't.

I sure hope they find who did yours.

Natalie said...

Totally crappy. Poor Annie. :(

skywind said...

Oh, has a little exaggerated, regarding this I express deeply the sympathy.
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Linda said...

I'm so very sorry that this happened. At the same time, we've had some issues in our town/neighborhood recently and this reminds me that these things do happen everywhere - in all sorts of neighborhoods. It's the unfortunate state of the world we're living in.

My prayers go out to you and your family.

Lori ann said...

How Terrible. So sorry to hear. I hope whoever did it feels remorse and maybe decides to return Annie's things, it's happened!

Reya Mellicker said...

When I lived in San Francisco, my car stereo was stolen at least six or seven times. After the 7th break in, I turned the spot where the stereo was supposed to be into a little diarama with plastic dinosaurs and sang to myself when I drove around.

People who don't have money will do anything to get it. So sorry, though, that she lost her tiara. That is so wrong!

Ziongirl said...

What a turd...............
I had a car stolen once. A whole car.....It was awful. The police found it later and it was totally demolished....violently....It was scary. I'm sure it was my ex..and we could never prove it. But KARMA always come through for me.